Wests 12th birthday

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  • Red Lion Ealing
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  • Cycled over after watching the dismaying rugby with a mate in near Buckinghamshire. Blustery.
    Spoke to Zara, (who remembered serving us last year).
    Tables in the rear corridor booked for 18.30 onwards.
    I will receive a confirmatory phone call as the Red Lion is between booking apps,
    and Edin, (the manager), does not return from holiday for a couple of days.
    See you all there.

    Also added some info to 2nd post.

  • Will be good to see you.
    Might I tempt you with a (very) small bottle of Ruislip's finest Premiere Grand Cru Sloe Gin?

  • Names that cropped up in the previous two years events,

  • odd double post

  • Might I tempt you with a (very) small bottle of Ruislip's finest Premiere Grand Cru Sloe Gin?

    Most definitely!

  • In!

  • Welcome to @seager.
    Will be good to meet you.

  • Welcome @cgg
    There should be small jars of 2019 vintage Sloe & Newton Wonder apple chutney.

  • I shall look forward to that. I have only recently opened the one you gave me at last year's Christmas Lights ride and have been enjoyed it. Thanks!

  • Was that also a Sloe-based one?
    How did it mature?
    I hope the Allspice, Piment de Jamaique was still evident?

  • The label reads thus:

    Ruislip Chutney:
    Pinn Valley Damsons, Apples,
    Pears, With The Distinctive
    Tang Of Allspice

    The spice doesn't seem very potent, though present still, and the taste overall feels well-balanced with all flavours given opportunities to shine and no excess of heat on the palate.

  • Thank you, the retained bulk of a batch tends not to get the flowery description.
    Yes, the 2018 Damson-based chutney was pretty good.

    The 2019 Sloe is multi-chillied!

  • Thanks for the official notification.

  • And welcome @Scrabble

  • I'm intending to pop over, was a great evening last year

  • was a great evening last year

    Wasn't it just?

  • And welcome to @Ruserius

  • Saturday morning bump.

  • @LobsterShorts can you make this one?

  • @Alex_Ch
    You have seen this?

  • Hey! Will definitely join for a beer but not for long as my parents are visiting me and I would like to spend some time with them, will see you guys at the red lion :)

  • OK,
    See you Thursday.
    I'm guessing you will be there early as it is close to Work?

  • Thought it was today for some reason.

  • Nah,
    Wests Birthday has been a Thursday since (at least) 2017.

    See you at the Red Lion on Thursday?

  • Yeah, is anyone going to be there early?

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Wests 12th birthday

Posted by Avatar for mespilus @mespilus