LFGSS City Suits

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  • Old Tea Warehouse Creechurch Lane
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  • It's the other point on the compass, the one in the middle.

    Apparently some of us spend our days slaving away in the same square mile.

    See you at the Old Tea Warehouse near the gherkin after work.

  • Sorry, I'm out. Baby decided to arrive 5 weeks early so on paternity leave at the moment.
    Lost track of what day it is too.
    Was looking forward to this as well, enjoy and hope it works well enough for a repeat in the future

  • I am leaving work now, be there about 5.45. I am the one that looks like Bjork's fat granny.

  • Gone already? Just arrived...

  • Oh no! I think you arrived just after we left.. we gave you until about 7:30 or so and then headed to join the Norths crowd (aka @middleofnowhere who was the only one left).

    We'll have to arrange another - maybe at a time that we can all make and maybe with a bit more notice

  • Hey @rhowe, @coventry_eagle, @PQR - fancy trying this again? We've got about 3 weeks before the Christmas drinking season kicks off...so it's November or hang on til Feb :)

  • How about sometime week of the 11th nov?

  • I think I can do 11th, 12th and 13th. Tues 12th?

  • Fine with all the above!

  • 12th works for me too I think. I'll throw an event up.. hang on, where are we going to go? Same place as last time?

  • I'm on garden leave so not coming into the city at the moment unfortunately!

  • Oh hai, I work around the corner from OTW.

  • Are we still on for Tues? I'm at a Fintech event all day now but if everyone else is on I will try and get over to you.

    Or we could push it to 19th?

  • Fine either way.

  • let's keep the original plan then. I'm busy til 6 but I'll get to OTW as soon as I can

  • I've posted an event: https://www.lfgss.com/events/5132/

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LFGSS City Suits

Posted by Avatar for rhowe @rhowe