LFGSS Bikepacking Weekend 8 - Suffolk/Norfolk

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  • I'd love to go on this if I can get my gear in order in time. I'm moving just outside Bury St Edmunds in the middle of August so if I can get my MTB and some camping gear before the 31st I'm set.

  • Not coming on the trip but I've driven through Swaffham plenty on my way to the coast and it is my most hated town.

    Banging Waitrose though, A1 resupply stop.

    Trip looks great!

  • Looking unlikely due to LBS fail. But I might buy a bike last minute just to come on this.

  • Ride the Kona? I'll put a revelate framebag on for you!

  • Oh damn, ive been meaning to do one of these but completely missed this. I am around, though the only off road ride i have at the moment is my commuter, fixed gear, canti brake and 33's.
    Is this doable on 33's? Theyre slick jack brown ones, come up around 33/34

  • Im out sorry, gotta work :(

  • Hmm, it's touch and go. If you have a good attitude and a fairly spinny gear you should be ok.

  • Will have to postpone, got a PIP interrogations on Monday, ugh.

  • ah, sorry to miss you and sorry you have to go through that bullshit. ride soon!

  • So I think we're expecting:

    London: @platypus @yakut @Thrasher
    Newmarket: @Po @TvH +1

    good crowd

  • It seems most likely now we'll come meet you at Thetford, join for the last bit and camp out, then probably head back towards Thetford in the morning after a bit of riding. But on the plus side we can bring plenty of cooking kit...

  • Aaaand back to reality. Still an hour from home [enter rant about bikes on trains here]

    That aside, fantastic weekend. No bike riding took place whatsoever. Instead we partook in blackberry picking, pig watching, more blackberry eating, and extreme scrumping.

    Thanks again to @platypus for organising!

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  • Dreamy, dreamy weekend.
    Stunning weather, very pleasant route, and the best blackberries I've ever tasted!

    Here is an updated version of the route we followed.
    I haven't included the diversion to ride the trails at Brandon Forest that we did - you'll have to come and ride it with me next year to get in on that fun!


  • Excellent form.

  • That was a great weekend.
    Thanks so much @platypus for the route and organising shit.
    Great to meet you @yakut & @Po
    Again soon please.

  • great pix!!!!

  • Great photos! Really enjoyed this trip

  • Good effort all. Not sure about Alpro stuffed pepper(?!) but looks like a great weekend

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LFGSS Bikepacking Weekend 8 - Suffolk/Norfolk

Posted by Avatar for platypus @platypus