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  • You know the drill - Welwyn Garden City

    39 miles, one slightly draggy hill, a few undulations and a travelator.
    Train out: KGX 19:06, arrives 19:42 or 19:21 arrives 19:55 (alternatively: Old Street 19:03, arrives 19:49)
    Train back: 22:22, 22:52, 23:22, last train 23:24


  • Train out

    Ride out

    1. Rod_Munch

  • Train out

    Ride out

    1. Rod_Munch
    2. rhowe
  • Looking at trains there is a 19:06 or 19:21 getting in at 19:42/19:55 respectively.

    Any preference? I'm probably jumping on at Finsbury Park.

  • I appreciate the ride name.

    No can do this week unfortunately. Have a blast those that do!

  • šŸ˜‡

    Iā€™m out for this week too unfortunately. Have fun!

  • Sadly I'm out too. Enjoy though looks like weather will be ace later on!

  • I plan to come as long as the downpour in N22 has stopped! I will probably train out from Alexandra Palace.

  • Ally Pally train sounds like a good idea - what time is that Simon? 19.22 to arrive at 19.49?

  • I'll ride out via the potters bar route if anyone fancies some hills to warm up on

  • Whoops, the track bike doesn't have anywhere for a bottle at the moment. Gears it is.. sorry

  • Not sorry

  • That was wild

  • @Rod_Munch witnessed the ugly results of that effort as we ground our way to Potters Bar. I thought I was going to pass out at one point

  • I thought I was going to pass out at one point..

    Don't worry folks, I still forced him to ride on the front most of the way as punishment for his earlier ridiculousness..

  • 19.9mph average for a TNRC?!

  • I thought we were all focussing at getting good going a long long way. Not getting places at FUCKING WARP SPEED.

    I'm glad I went to the pub around the corner from my house instead.

    Strong effort though ladz!

  • 19.9mph average for a TNRC?!

    Yeah it was pretty awful (and I think Garmin clocked it at 20.2mph). At this rate most TNRC attendance decisions will have to be based on a "is Russell going to be riding?" consideration. Although in fairness, @Ruserius must shoulder at least 40% of the blame on this occasion for refusing to let us ease up in the second half!

  • We could have made it back in time to buy train beers if we hadn't have faffed about admiring the sunset for so long.

  • 50 miles to Cambridge today was tough and very soggy.

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WGC - Dress Code: Freshly pressed boubous preferred but don't leave the iron on!

Posted by Avatar for Rod_Munch @Rod_Munch