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  • Awesome day today. Thank you to all who attended and Platypus for planning and leading.
    Super fun riding, the weather held out and even the 180 involuntary skid aided by the Mercedes didn’t put a downer on it.

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  • Seconded, I had a great time. Good to meet you / see you again.

  • That merc should be reported, angry old people are a menace to society. And I should know.

  • Thanks all, this was a great day out!

    Stay safe and watch out for those mercs

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  • Excellent ride, thanks all for great company and riding, and @platypus for route planning and organising. Top day, will put up some photos when I can. Probably would have been fine to camp tonight...

  • That was fun!
    Big thanks to everyone for braving the weather. Nice to meet some new faces and a good long ride.
    @hp93 - drop the endo gif

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  • I’ve got the license plate of that merc, if someone can pinpoint the exact location I’m more than happy to file a report, I guess that was classed as a hit and run?

  • Will PM you with details

  • Nice one guys, on a much brighter note, despite that it was a brilliant day and route. Will upload pictures and a gif of @platypus showing us how to bottom out some forks when I get home, currently on train 1 of 3 🤙

    Nice to meet you all!

    @moocher bloody good effort on those climbs with the singlespeed!

  • Anyone know the distance we covered?

  • Usernames to faces, please. :)

  • Awesome. Good to see it went ahead. My 'peaks' weekend turned into a very very wet 25 mile afternoon ride only (involving no peaks). Absolutely drenched and caked in mud. Still fun though.

  • Sorry I missed the day ride all, looked like a lovely day out! I had to let some friends know my movements by Friday night as I was staying with them and didn't want to dick them about.

    Good to see the British weather is still utterly mental!

  • L to R - yakut, phildas, moocher, simon+1, hp93
    in camouflage - platypus

  • According to my Garmin we covered 79.5 Km which I stopped just after you left and we had a drink by the river. so you maybe did 79 to the point you turned off? plus whatever it took to get there and back :)

  • thanks, 79, + 5 at the start and an extra 400m at the end then. ~52 miles

  • I did that last weekend, and it went very well!

    Thanks @platypus for such a lovely route!

  • Aha! Great to hear. It’s a lovely part of the world.

  • I've just submitted a report about that Mercedes driver - will hear within 10 working days if anything's going to happen about it.

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LFGSS Bikepacking Weekend 7: Berkshire with bonus forumers

Posted by Avatar for platypus @platypus