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  • Yes, plenty of pubs nearby

    @platypus - plan is to camp in woods? So I can bring a tarp but ditch the poles

  • I am 99% out. Feel rubbish and would like a weekend off for a change.

  • @tvh booooo!

    Might be a good idea if I grab your number @platypus - can't log into the forum on me phone.

  • Is this because I bullied you about the jelly beans :( jokes aside hope you feel better, Was looking forward to seeing your bike in the flesh!

  • All packed and on my first train now.
    Probably overpacked, honestly don’t know how people do it (other than buying super expensive tents/sleeping set ups that pack down to the size of a sock).

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  • Definitely all your fault.

    Nah, I'm just feeling really run down and can't deal with packing all that travel and stress in.

  • buying super expensive tents/sleeping set ups that pack down to the size of a sock

    Mostly this.

  • That's looking sliiick. Pretty ideal set up - doesn't look over packed at all.

  • Making me want to not bring the MTB. I do like fat tyre drop bar riding...

  • yep, we'll camp in the same woods as last time

  • Windy now showing rain all weekend...

  • spa built me a set of 700c wheels instead of the 650b I asked for :( so im out. Wheeless. and sad drunk with these sweet oversized wheels.

  • that looks fun.

  • you're not wrong. hmmm

  • Same on metoffice. Not sure if I fancy a weekend of wet riding.

  • Uh oh


    As mentioned up thread the forecast has turned very bad for this weekend. Yesterday it looked great, today it looks pretty dreadful.

    As such I am leaning towards postponing it. Please reply to this post with your feelings. If most people want to postpone then we’ll do that. I know it’s a bummer but 48hrs of rain is more of a bummer.


  • Postpone. It's a nice ride, but not worth getting rained on for two days.

  • The forescasts for around here (Reading) havent been that accurate over the last few days (predicting rain when it hasnt really materialised)

    I'm local and have new bike to play with so I'm going to go out for a ride Sat/Sun anyway.

    BUT - yes - looks a bit shit, especially Saturday.

  • Ha! As it happens I'm doing a bikepacking trip in the peaks this weekend with a couple of mates. Stanley to Buxton is the plan. Along the midshires way. Not super long but we're not heading off until Sat arvo. Plus pub stops. That and we're slow.

    East mids represent!

  • I think some people are already on their way:

  • +1 for postpone

  • We'll still ride Saturday from Tilehurst as planned, but will maybe retreat and escape on Saturday evening, if we're already soaked and it looks like rain during Saturday night. Not planning to ride Sunday as we need to be back home.

  • Yes thanks. I’m aware and have messaged him. I feel really bad letting someone down who’s travelling far. Although it might not seem it, organising these rides can be quite a lot of work and stressful too.

    Everyone else - I’ll make a final decision before 4pm.

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LFGSS Bikepacking Weekend 7: Berkshire with bonus forumers

Posted by Avatar for platypus @platypus