LFGSS Bikepacking Weekend 7: Berkshire with bonus forumers

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  • In honour of @sensom returning from the other side of the world!

    Route will be this https://www.lfgss.com/events/4303/

    Nice easy riding on MTB or similar. Wild camp overnight. Cheap and quick train from Paddington with no bike reservation needed.

    Come one, come all

  • Hoping to draw some lurking forumers out for this.

    Looking at you @amey @PhilDAS @hp93 and whoever else ++

  • I’m in. Gravel bike or mtb?

  • Gravel bike will be just fine. Mtb perfect. Do not recommend low hanging front panniers - singletrack sections will rip them off.

  • Hard tail it is

  • Bloody working again!
    The weekend after I'm free, as is always the case!

  • Hey I’m not a lurker, I just like to watch from afar*


  • *outside the school gates


  • MTB tyres on the gravel bike? Still need to build the gravel bike too lol.

    @PhilDAS can I sleep on your sofa bed on the 26th pretty plz?

    If someone needs to borrow a Matt and sleeping bag then you’re welcome to borrow from me, the matt is quite large pack size so better if you have a rack/basket or pack light elsewhere.

  • tentatively yes. pending on whether i finish the bieak in time.

  • This gone be sooo good!
    I have a plethora of drybags, spare bivvy, and 6 square meters of tyvek if anyone needs to borrow some kit.

  • Yes.
    If you get some 650boiz, I’ve got those 50c knobblies

  • Following the thread again with hope. Waiting to see if I'm/we're free but my gf and I could be interested. We have bikes and kit, could get to Tilehurst quite easily.

  • Sounds fun.

    I'm in.

  • No need 2.0 knobbly 29ers fit the arkose by the looks of things.

  • Hmm, tempted to borrow your bivvy as it’d save me having to lug my tent from Manchester to London and then on the ride, never bivvied before though, might get scared and cry.

  • You'll be fine. That bivvy is bomb proof. I've recently re sealed the seams, patched a hole, applied nikawax, and sprayed it with permethrine.

    It's this one:

  • Shit yeah! It's bloody happening. So excited for BERKPACKING.

    Thanks for teeing this up @platypus, I shall put the Crossmarks on Wolverine in anticipation.

    @hp93 get yo shit together!

  • Would love to but I'm off the bike for (probably) the next 6 weeks pending a review on Sat. Might still train it down and meet you all at the camp spot. Could bring BEER/show off my one-handed tent erection skills...

  • .

  • .

  • Not sure what happened there.

  • Good to see lots of interest.
    Full details to come next week some time.

  • Think I'm gonna gravel bike despite the more fun on a MTB thing. Mainly since HP and mk1mark will be on drops so I don't want to feel left out.

  • Nah, bring the MTB. You won’t regret it! We are not going fast in any case...

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LFGSS Bikepacking Weekend 7: Berkshire with bonus forumers

Posted by Avatar for platypus @platypus