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  • Sunny as here at the Old Ship.

    Leaving for Reej after 11:30.

  • Leaving Old Street, heading for the Reej now. See y'all in a bit! :)

  • Hey... I'm in Peckham Rye with kid eating pizza, going to try and hook up with you ... what's your direction after Le Reej?

  • 13 of us in Brixton now.
    Around 2 we will head towards Angel pub in Wapping.

  • We're 10 mins from reej now.

  • Thanks for today guys. Awesome ride. Also thanks for giving me the chance to prove that my new build is not going to fall apart (first section was well unsuitable for my track bike) some fotos below

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    • Photo 11-01-2015 3 58 44 pm.jpg
  • nice ride today, thanks to john and kris for their unfailing ability to find the right way through londons famous london

    this sums it up nicely, lots of spokes a good splattering of mud and a a few beers


  • really fun getting back together with you guys, for the section i was on i had a blast. cheers, and i will be seeing you all very soon

  • Anybody pick up a silver pen?

  • Sooo much fun. Big thanks to John & Kris!
    (No pen sorry)

    Edit: Some great pics Dicki & Ap0s

  • Epic pics.

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    • DSC_0310.JPG
  • Yes we had to climb over a fallen tree.

  • Ha, found the pen.

  • Great!

  • .

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n/e/s whatever -ma3k

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