The Railway Touring Club - Downs Link Ride

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  • The Ivy House, Stuart road
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  • London to Shoreham by Sea

    A fish and chip quest to S-b-S using the old trackbed of the Cranleigh and Steyning Lines. Even though it’s a stone cold tragedy that these lines were disposed of so ramblers and could pervert the countryside, they now afford an opportunity for the RTC to reclaim them by bike.

    Rough route is below, all arguing over it is here

    Everyone is welcome, no specialist or fashionable bikes are required, there is no rush and I have it on good authority that @PhilDAS cannot attend.

    Meet at the IH at 8am

  • I have it on good authority that @PhilDAS cannot attend.

    Awaiting the most attended event in forum history

  • I'm investigating timing possibilities of joining you at Guildford. Do you have a rough idea of your ETA there?

  • Don’t know yet

    What time does your preferred train get in to Guildford and we can work it out?

  • I'll have a look and get back to you.

  • The ideal one for me would get into Guildford at 1024, so I think I'd be down to join the route just before 11.

    Is that going to be too late?

    I'm not 100% on this so please don't change plans around me!

  • I'm not 100% on this so please don't change plans around me!

    It will be worth it to see which part of your drive train has to be rebuilt on the hoof

  • The thought had occurred to me.

  • Also:

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  • Why should you worry about the weather 6 weeks ahead of the ride?

  • The weather has little bearing on this ride

  • Ha, July is not June.
    Fancy that.
    Stand down.

  • "I don't believe in tools" Mashton, 2019

  • I believe @dsalmon and @Alex_B had both expressed interest in this ride.

    Negotiations with the weather gods have begun to ensure sunny skies for the 31st July.

    There may even be RTC mudguard stickers for everyone who turns up(!).

  • Can we do an overnighter version of this? So that we can have drinks at the Ivy House before setting off.

  • like the look of this. And that date doable. Will call it much nearer the time

  • Can I get away with 28cc tyres for this? Will see if I can get the day off too.

  • From the sections of the downs link I know, probably. I was considering 28s.

  • Great idea

    Maybe on for August?

  • 31st July is just far away enough to say ‘yeah!’ and then forget until the last minute.

    So. Yeah!

    Last time I did it, it was s/s from Christs Hospital (on 32s) and I remember thinking anything narrower would be iffy (but then, it had been quite weather-y). There’s a bit of a scree scramble at the Steyning end, but you could always walk it?

    If the weather’s promising, the skatepark at Shoreham (then the Welly afterwards -Dark Star pub) is worth a visit.

  • but you could always walk it?

    Oh yeah, walking and scrambling is most certainly on the cards!

    Talk to me about the pub, I haven’t looked at pubs or the best place for fish and chips yet

  • There’s the Dark Star ‘home’ pub (The Partridge) not too far from the Downs Link where it passes through Partridge Green.
    Fine for fresh Dark Star beer but ALSO a chiller cabinet of cans of creme brulée and bottles of espresso stout to take away.

    The Wellington is (or was...) a Dark Star pub just by Ham Rd green. I’ve only ever eaten crisps there -post skate session- so can’t vouch for any food. The beer’s always good tho.
    The Welly is at the Brighton end of town. Pubs further into Shoreham (which means they’re nearer to the end of the Downs Link) are all pretty good.

    Other places I’ve tried:
    The Bridge Inn and Crown & Anchor are riverside, pretty standard stuff (London Pride, lager, Guinness). The Marlipins is in the High Street (Harveys, Gales, Timothy Taylor) is decent, but kind of swing-a-cat awkward if I recall. There was also an odd real ale place opposite the Ropetackle which might be what’s called Piston Broke now. ‘lol’ geddit.

    Basically, even the fussiest real-ale beardsman can find something to drink in a very short stretch between the Ropetackle and McDonalds : )

    Then there’s the cycle route to Brighton that mostly runs along the beach, so a bit more scope for beachside drinks with bikes and assorted tat.

    I guess it depends what the plans are for the return journey?

  • Lovely stuff

    No plans past looking at Shoreham Station, drinking in Shoreham, getting fish suppers and then trainbeers home.

    Happy to be advised on that part of the day

  • I rode the Downs Link last weekend on 700x28c with no problems. I had an absolute blast - passing mountain bikers on a touring bike with mudguards and a Carradice Barley, hunkered down on aero bars is a lot of fun!

    Also, I can't help thinking this would be a lot of fun as a night ride from Shoreham to London.
    My route from last time:­2443

  • Ha! I expected this to be met with laughter, but okay then. I'm also up for the daytime edition if I'm in London on that day.

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The Railway Touring Club - Downs Link Ride

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