TNRC Special - Rolling to the Stones 20.06.2019

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  • What a great ride, thanks for organising!

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  • sunshine!
    what a result.
    great work guys.

  • I got back about 5, fell asleep at 6 and now awake at 1am. Well that's my body clock sorted.
    TNRC specials keeping the standards high! Route out of London to the pub is one of the better ones. High police presence at Ascot and relatively quite surrounds made for pleasant riding to get to the remainder of the virtually deserted lanes of the north downs where the chill kept any sleepiness at bay. No supply stops and a puncture close to the end made me enjoy the hot coffee and super sunny sunrise at Avebury even more.
    Was really torn between enjoying all Swindon's wonders with the main returners group, or the fast train back along the then sunny lanes back to another yet to be determined station. Either would have been great, but was very happy with my choice as we sped back through the much warmer greenery of the north downs again which was a hell of a contrast to Newbury's rush hour roundabouts where we enjoyed a breakfast in the sainsburys car park. A4 was then fast, but is not pretty, and I parted ways with @Rodmunch and @CowHen to join National Cycle Route 4 which got me to Reading slowly and relaxed. Tried to find the nice parts of Reading to ride but failed so resorted to buying beer and leaving, only finding a nice place to drink it once out of the town. Tried following NCR4 but combination of shit signage and routing led me to the final part of an audax route instead. Back along the A4 was easier after a beer in Maidenhead, with a final flurry of riding in Sipson pre 3rd runway before ordering every vegan thing on the menu at a bakery deli place near home.
    Awesome day and night out. Thanks all, organisers and riders

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  • United Kingdom's National Cycle Route

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  • Good effort! What was your total distance in the end?

    On the geography, the downs from Reading to Marlborough are colloquially known as the North Wessex Downs. The North Downs is the ridge that runs from Farnham to Dover.

  • What a night! Lanes went exactly to plan and the weather while a bit fucking nippy for a bit was very clear. Group was great, strong safe riding by everyone. Bit of an epic one for me as I got Tommy Windmill'd twice and and couldnt eat afterwards so had to Inhabit the Bonk for the last 25 miles. So thanks to everyone for their support while I limped to the finish.

    Still the first 60 miles were a joy cruising with Clement on the front through giant empty roundabouts and swooping flat b roads. The Wiltshire morning again had fog laying in the low areas which made for wonderful atmosphere pre-sunrise. And the Stones full of energy folk (and quite a few roadies actually) and drunks didt't disappoint. Swindon was not my fav but it must be said that is a well staffed and stocked Costa.

    You all showed yourself to be true Dons of the Cog. Well done.

  • That's @cgg, no doubt dommyracer is flattered by the comparison.

  • I was so jealous to miss this that I took part in a German equivalent of Critical Mass last night. Was painfully slow, but a great 3 hours night riding. It was spur of the moment and by 1am I was too tired and hungry to do the second lap til 5am. Still. Night riding in the countryside, nippy as fuck.

  • Where? Did the police finish it and tell you to disperse at the end? (When a friend of mine moved to Berlin years ago he was shocked to find that Critical Mass there was registered as an official demonstration with all the rules and regulations being adhered to.)

  • Bielefeld. I believe it was organised by Radentscheid or something.

    Police weren’t anywhere to be seen. There was a kinda procession and a few roads blocked at the start, and after that it was mostly quite sympathetic from car drivers (whilst riding through to the satellite towns and villages). Only one old man got super nasty, until he was somewhat surrounded by younger, fitter men. At that point his wife hit him on the arm to stop.

    Around 1am the majority had already cleared off, so I think only a small core continued to ride through the night.

  • 325km. I've finished my SR now and realised I will need to do some "training" for PBP. Read somewhere that some overnight rides are good for the sleep deprivation thing, so the TNRC overnighter was a good opportunity to extend. Felt really good yesterday. Only thing is, I was on my fixie, which I now think if more comfy that the roadie. I should just be sensible and get the fit right on my road bike.

  • The other logical conclusion would be to ride PBP on the fixed gear?

    Surely we can fit in the Bath or IoW deluxe before it if you want more training :-)

  • Risers on the roadie too?

  • All very good suggestions, but mainly the deluxe. I've also still got the Ditching Devil and Dunwich Dynamo

  • And two months later I finally got round to getting film developed. What a night.

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  • Those are SO good

  • Your grimace as you put your lid back on is the total opposite of Clement looking smug af with his wavey garms.

  • HAHAHA these are most excellent.

    Lucky you caught me whilst I was drinking soup with my eyes closed - one second later and I'd have been like..

  • Aha nice pics, thanks!

  • Memories of a free festival

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  • Considering a (solo) ride up to the Rollright Stones in the Cotswolds this Friday night... anyone done it on Solstice, or otherwise?

    Looks like it's £1 admission but you can pay online.

  • This would be a 10/10 ride with people another year, btw. Not as crazy busy as Avebury (covid played a part I'm sure) and just a few druids to chat to.

    Bivvied in a field next door for a few hours and plenty of restock points in chipping Norton and Oxford.

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  • What was your route for this? I'd be interested to see. Also 10/10 shot of druid with selfie stick

  • Hap yep, thought they were up to something druid-y and mystical until I realised they were fiddling with a selfie stick.

    As mentioned in the notes, I was tired and just fudged a way into London after Chalfont St Peter or thereabouts. There's many better options than what I did from there.

    In non-covid times you might ride out from London to the stones, then back into Oxford and train home if you didn't fancy riding all the way back for a round 200km.

    Everything else was 10/10 for Cotswold scenery and rolling hills. No major climbs apart from Chinnor Hill in the Chilterns.

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TNRC Special - Rolling to the Stones 20.06.2019

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