TNRC Special - Rolling to the Stones 20.06.2019

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  • There was a bit of interest in this in the other thread, I'm keen for it but probably need to book trains soon-ish as the tickets on the 6.30 Swindon to Paddington are now £26 (before groupsave/railcard).

    Route from YAL with some tiny tweaks here:­=wtd

    Anyone else fancy it?

  • Yes

  • Yeah
    Except I'm doing it a day late on the Friday night if I manage to get my arse out there.

  • I'd happily do it on the Friday too

  • Yes. Thursday.

  • You mean you'd do it twice?

    Thinking it about it. The 21st of June being the longest day, it could make sense to ride this on the 21st.

  • Nah once would be fine. I'd probs prefer the Friday.

  • I was thinking Thursday better as it means not writing off the weekend but I get it means taking a day off work. Unless you're super keen, train back to Paddington does get in at 7.30am...

  • I start work at 7am and lateness is not tolerated :(

  • Ha I think the bigger issue is sleep deprivation but yeah that's not gonna work.

  • Sorry, I won't spam any longer, if people want to do the OG Thursday they should. But @Skülly is leading the Friday splitter ride ;)

  • shit sorry @cagimaha

    We’ll take it elsewhere!

  • Haha no issue from me with the thread bumps!

  • Link it here so peeps have a choice between riding with the people’s front of LFGSS and the LFGSS people’s front.

  • notional rep

  • I'm in for the Thursday OG ride

  • I’m in for Thursday as well.

  • I’m down for Thursday

  • OK, looking at train options for this one now. There's been some discussion of carrying on to Bath or Bristol, having a more civilised breakfast at somewhere befitting our #influencer status then getting a post-rush hour train back to London. This would mean an additional 20 - 30 miles on the trip. What do people think?

    Also, @Rod_Munch and @pastry_bot you guys in?

  • Trains currently looking like £20.15 each with groupsave but I think we'll be limited to either 2 or 4 bikes per train due to limited places in the guard's van. Trying to get some confirmation out of GWR now.

  • Up for the extension I think. In Bristol there's the Business As Usual café that's very nice and bike friendly and not far from the Bristol-Bath railway path.

    We may have to give some thoughts to bikes on trains and things.

    On the new IET trains there are two bikes hook per short trains, four per long train. I booked two spots when I took one with @CowHen going to Newbury and then someone else just piled up in the lobby and the train manager was moderately non-fussed about it. So maybe with it being an off-peak Friday morning it will all be alright.

  • That said I'm also up for going to Swindon and riding THE MAGIC ROUND ABOUT.

  • Good knowledge! Any idea how you know if they're a long or short train?

  • They'll be long with four spaces.

    Most wheels (unless you're running box rims with tops 25mm tyres) can't hang in the hooks because there isn't enough space. Great designsss.

    GWR staff can be some of the most arsey about it. I'd plan for splitting for the trains personally...

    Edit: Wish so much I was coming... :(

  • A quick route check makes it more like 35 - 45 miles extra if you want to avoid the A4...

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TNRC Special - Rolling to the Stones 20.06.2019

Posted by Avatar for cagimaha @cagimaha