St. Mary Cray - Knatt's Valley Sundowner (Kent I)

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  • A trip out SE for the hell of the Exedown but the reward is the Knatt's Valley sunset TT.

    Train from Victoria at 19.12 arr St Mary Cray 19.41
    Or Blackfriars at 19.05 arriving 19.34

    Return trains at 22.22, 22.52, 23.09, 23.15, 23.45, 23.50, last at 23.57
    *to Blackfriars


    The Petts Wood variation, featuring a 'spoons by the station (other pubs are also available)...

    Trains at 22.27vc, 22.44cs, 22.53cx, 22.57vc, 23.06bf, 23.23cx, 23.27vc, 23.53cx, last 23.57vc
    vc-Victoria, cs-Cannon St, cx-Charing Cross, bf-Blackfriars

    **A21 Smashfestina also available for those looking for a ride back into town.

  • Just realised that RWGPS link above doesn't include the full Knatt's TT so more accurate komoot link here:­t/d09AxA4hAABn1w=GSlsEwAqxpA1LAnFIxC3qPB­LZC-fnJISXd0ZGWnsIeI5o_jYp-0ONtrPbM4bFJ8­NWF56PdGAneZlMPD5UoA=

  • There is also the Petts Wood Variation...

  • Amazing, thanks! You making an appearance or is there a footingball fixture? It'd be good to see you.

  • Not north enough

  • I liked the sound of the longer, Exedown-avoiding route you mentioned.

  • See how we feel, it's simple enough to cut along Pilgrim's then up Old Terry's Lodge Rd.

  • I'm in for this. Taking a secret train from Denmark Hill at 7:22 so will be there about 7:45.

    Agreed, let's see how we feel. Terry's Lodge is a lovely climb but also somehow St Mary Cray with no Exedown is like a cupcake with no sprinkles.

  • is this next Weds? 29th?

  • The Wednesday thing in the event is a little misleading...

    Alas, I can't make it. Have a good one.

  • ah cheers dude. off to Glasgow this afternoon. but am keeping an eye on the midweek rides so hope to roll with you all again soon.

    love the knatts valley blacktop. and love/hate exedown. enjoy!

  • You making an appearance or is there a footingball fixture?

    This weeks excuse comes courtesy of the Dorset Gravel Dash, I'm "tapering" ahead of that event (weak I know especially as @cgg is riding both, but he is cut from different cloth).

    is this next Weds? 29th?

    No, but it's a long ride to Baku, will have to set off soon.

    St Mary Cray with no Exedown is like a cupcake with no sprinkles.

    I was toying with another analogy but it's too early to get so scatological.

  • Actually I may be lame and not ride this. Feeling tired these days and in need of energy for this weekend etc. I may turn up at the station but don’t wait for me if I don’t.

  • I’ll be there.

  • I may be lame and not ride this..

    If it swings the deal I have brought you some BRAND NEW elastic bands PLUS your old ones...!

  • Starting to feel a lot like summer; riding out

  • Okay I’m in the Blackfriars train.

  • We got a bit carried away on the chips.

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  • Great night as usual, completely spoiled by a hubba bubba beer.

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  • Sad I missed this - looks perfect.

  • "Four plates of chips, some pork scratchings and une pinte de cidre à la rhubarbe s'il vous plaît"

    "U wot mate?"

  • cidre avec bon bon...

  • This was so good (the ride, not the cider).

  • I’m camping in Dorset, and this:

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St. Mary Cray - Knatt's Valley Sundowner (Kent I)

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