An Extended Reverse Quarter to: Watford to Hanwell

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  • We're out. We've been invited to a mates BBQ to watch some sport

  • I don't blame you.
    (Still got that shredded, sieved leylandii for you).
    The demand never materialised.
    @Backstop @hamrack
    Still on for this?

  • Mmm, might be better to postpone? Then we can have a bigger group.
    I'll probably overground to Watford if we go ahead.
    @mespilus @Backstop

  • I've no problem being at Watford Junction for 10am,
    if the three of us are 'On'.

    Again, I can offer to run the ride again in the late(r) Summer.

  • Sorry, had it in my head this was 21st. Unavailable tomorrow. Apologies for flaking, very keen on rematch though.

  • No problem,
    You let me know in time to avoid a lonely sojourn outside Watford Junction.
    I'll float the 22nd, to see if we get more interest.

  • Days are lengthening.
    I've PM'ed anyome whoever expressed even the vaguest interest.
    Cycled back down from Watford to Rickmansworth yesterday,
    with a couple of photos on the original thread.
    Gravelpath has a couple of full width muddy lagoons and some lengths of tyre gripping gamboge,
    but is not dangerous, apart from the ever deepening lip of one the bridges over a canal,
    (take it slow to prevent a pinch puncture).
    Re-opened Crown & Treaty might be the more midway lunch spot.

    Expressions of interest first, then a best/least worst date can be floated.

  • How odd!
    Have tried to invite others,
    and change the date,
    but seemingly no changes are being allowed.

  • I haven't tested it myself, but I could well imagine that date changes are not allowed after the original date has passed. Just start a new thread and link to it from here.

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An Extended Reverse Quarter to: Watford to Hanwell

Posted by Avatar for mespilus @mespilus