An Extended Reverse Quarter to: Watford to Hanwell

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  • Last October we chose an unseasonally cold Saturday to venture from Watford to Uxbridge:
    Some early potential attendees could not make that date,
    and casual enquiries suggest an improved repeat might gain favour.
    With warmer weather and extended daylight, the proposal is to extend the ride past Uxbridge,
    (and a strangely CrossRail -invigorated) Hayes to Hanwell, with its famous flight of locks,
    and Brunel's Triple Bridge
    and superior choice of eateries, (compared to Uxb).
    That gets us back onto the Uxbridge Road, with Underground access at Ealing Broadway.

    I think I've notified anyone who previously expressed interest in the 1st running.

    Some changes;
    The Watford cafe on Market Street has changed its name but retains its ethical basis. The rundown warehouse at Batchworth Lock is being transformed into a Premier Inn hotel, the 'Bear on the Canal' pub in Harefield is shuttered, and the Crown & Treaty is still not yet quite open after its interminable redevelopment.
    2019 11 03 update: Crown & Treaty finally re-opens.

  • Cheers sir!
    A grand plan

  • @cgg @mashton @Backstop @skydancer @moorhen @hamrack @ffm @Shepp_O
    I should find out this evening whch Saturdays I'm committed for my
    Conservation group, (normally 1st Saturday of each month).
    Are there any dates you already have commitments for?

  • Right,
    I'm committed for the 8th of June, and the 6th of July for conserving.
    Anyone else have a date already booked?

  • I know a fine back street samosa shop just off the canal in Southall for some recarbing.

  • That will be most welcome.
    Will you be joining us?

  • June 22 is out

  • 1st and 22nd of June are (currently) free, as is 21st July although I may be hungover. Might see if Alice fancies a canal-side bike ride!

  • 1st June is tempting as it is close to my birthday!

  • Amended Event to suggest 1st June.
    Let's see how many find that agreeable?

  • In for the first

  • Welcome @Backstop
    (I cannot guarantee an appearance from the same smug jay-parking car driver on the approach to Uxbridge).

  • Haven't got a bike that suitable for those rough towpaths sadly...they are shockingly bad out here.

  • I'm sure they'll be someone to rile with polite enquiries!

  • @wildwest
    I agree it is a bit rough from around Bulls Bridge eastwards,
    past Southall. I'll do recce ride to see if it is much worse than last year.

  • @ric_a5
    As discussed last night at Easts.

  • Did this last year, fixed on 23c tyres. No worries.
    I'd do this again but can't make the date

  • Well with only 3 definites so far,
    I'm very open to running it again later in the Summer,
    if there are enough takers.

  • OK, I'll keep an eye onthis thread.

  • I'm a more solid yes now

  • As Genesis never said 'And then there were 4'.

  • This was a great day out last time, unfortunately I'm away on the 1st.

  • @Backstop @skydancer
    Watford Junction for 10am-ish?
    Are you also training out or cycling over?

    Better weather should see us maybe snacking at the Cafe in the Park
    and lunch further along?

  • Annoyingly it has somehow gone completely over my head that it is actually tomorrow for this so I've potentially planned to go meet up with my brother in Ashtead to collect something. If that falls through I will try to get over to Watford for before 10.

  • Yes,
    I also feel that June has crept up on us,
    despite it being my birth month.
    If you make it, you'll be made welcome.
    Alternatively, there could easily be a late(r) Summer version.

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An Extended Reverse Quarter to: Watford to Hanwell

Posted by Avatar for mespilus @mespilus