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  • From a quick analysis it transpires that Potters Bar is easier than Welwyn Garden City, plus we can have beers and train beers which is not to be dismissed lightly. And everyone loves Potters Bar anyway. So let’s ride Potters Bar.


    Train out from Kings Cross: 1906 arrives 1932
    Train back: 2232, 2302, 2332, 0002 to KX

  • Train out

    • cgg

    Ride out

    • Rod_munch
  • This looks great! Coopers Ln Rd on the right at km 2.3 is one of my favorite, the trail that runs alongside it is even better.

    Potentially in, on a geared bike, sry

  • Yep that's fine if you know how to ride in a group!

  • Hmm some work shit came up - I might have to meet you in the pub, or ride it backwards or something. Either way, don't wait for me at the start!

  • I think this will make it 3 or 4 years in a row we'll be rained on during Potters Bar.

  • Never count your chicken etc

  • Okay we're definitely getting rained on.

    (Are you taking the train Dan?)

  • Yeah I'll be taking the train out but might be up for riding back? I've ridden out before and never enjoyed it that much. I've taken the canal before and obviously that bit is lovely but going east/west through Enfield scares the shit out of me as I'm no pro like @rhowe

  • Alas I'm gonna have to miss this one, enjoy the damp Toblerone!

  • I'll most probably take the train back because it stops at Finsbury Park and I'm lazy. But I could be persuaded otherwise, I guess we'll have to see.

  • I'll be riding out. Leaving Aldgate around 5:30, stopping in Enfield for dinner and then heading up the Ridgeway.

  • Think I'm out. Busy Friday with it being a short week.

    Hope you don't get too wet!

  • I'm out as well, I forgot I promised the gf we were doing a ride together tonight.

  • Is she happy with you telling the world?

  • Don't think she cares. She's happy I am not ditching our ride tonight

  • Sadly I am also out - family life bumping out whipskidding down a bar of toblerone.

    Maybe we can arrange an off-week next since so many of us have had to go to IKEA this week

  • So it's basically Russell and me (and Jim maaaybe).

    I'm happy with postponing this to next week. Shame as the weather was taking a turn for the dry!

  • I've actually had an unexpected reprieve so should be good to ride - but given the weather and other bailing I don't mind if you'd rather switch to next week..

  • But I put new pedals and new torture shoes on specially

  • As much as I like carrying lots of spare dry clothes round the countryside, I'm not so sure about the promise of showers that are "heavy and prolonged with a slight risk of thunder".

  • 65% chance

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  • I could use the down time so I'm gonna take an executive decision and push it back to next week.

    Of course the weather will be worse...

  • The ride has now been postponed to the 16th of May 2019. The rest of the brief still applies.

  • Ah balls, was going to make a last minute appearance..

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Easter Leftovers (off-week Toblerone -- ⚠️ pushed back to 16/05 ⚠️)

Posted by Avatar for cgg @cgg