Dunwich Dynamo 2019

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  • Last year I was planning on riding back, but after stopping for some breakfast at a mates house lost the willpower. I bailed to stowmarket, booked a bike ticket and had to wait for about 45 minutes then transferred at Cambridge. Wasn't too bad, and I reckon with some pre planning would work as a fair alternative from ipswich.

  • What's people's experience doing this fixed? The route doesn't look very hilly but I suppose it does add up over time...

    (Also talking about the route, I know there isn't 'the one' and I've seen a few, which one is the most 'official' one, anyone got a link?)

  • I did it fixed last year (for the first time) and loved it. The only steep hill is very short (in Finchingfield) and all the others are perfectly fine on a standard road gear of about 70". One long descent to Sudbury with traffic lights at the bottom, and obviously you have to hold back on some of the descents, but it's all perfectly fine. As with a road bike, you have to stop when you reach the water.

    (Also talking about the route, I know there isn't 'the one' and I've seen a few, which one is the most 'official' one, anyone got a link?)

    I really wouldn't worry about that too much. As others have said, you'll be led along (see what I did there?), and you can pick up a route sheet at the start. Obviously, forget GPS and all that nonsense.

  • Thanks, that sounds good!

    As for the route though, I'm afraid I don't do anything without GPS, I both like recording my rides, and I want to have the safety of a route that I know will work as a last resort fallback...

  • I can only repeat my advice of forgetting about all that for the Dynamo. It's really not at all like any of your other rides. By all means still record your ride, but wayfinding will be the least of your worries.

  • I think from memory this is how most people will be going to dunwich, been a few years tho https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30504148

  • Ive literally put Hackney to Dunwich into garmin connect for just in case. Get the feeling even on the night there will be hundreds of different routes taken

  • Ah, that looks most reasonable, I’ll load that into the garmin. Thanks!

  • Victims of technology, the lot of you! *shakes fist*

  • Brilliant! Although you've missed a number of opportunities to take a ferry ride.

  • Fixed is easy, no real hills
    The long downhill is a bit annoying

  • Haha! Nice 👍🏻👍🏻

  • The fancy bike reservation form was only for the trains they're running with extra bike spaces. You can still book a bike onto the later trains (anything after 4PM iirc), I've just done that myself

  • I'm not expecting to spend any time staring at the Wahoo to find out where to go. But I still want the route to be there just in case, after all it doesn't cost me anything to load it in...


    That looks good, thanks!


    Hmmmmm....... maybe a good thing to do on the way back, you know, so it doesn't get too boring!

  • anyone got a exposure light set for borrows? Want to do this but my blinkies just died. wah

  • I think @Scrabble has one of these, and I've got the lower power one.

    It's pretty good, and I think you can plug a power bank into it while it's on.

  • Perfect timing was just looking online for a decent front light!

  • looking forward to this.
    not ridden past 60 odd mile all year but happy this will be do-able.
    riding the brompton for mega lolz.
    see you out there.

  • I used one of these last year (& will be again this):

    Great on the super dark sections.

  • Ordered the other one now but will forward this onto my buddy who turns up woefully under prepared for every ride we go on ( no spare tubes, no lights, didnt even bother attaching bottle cages for london to paris)

  • I'm riding with a friend like that. Went for a 50 mile warm up on Sunday - literally the only thing he'd got with him was a tenner stuffed down his sock!

  • At least he can get a beer in I suppose

  • He pretty much did - bought a round of tea and cake and tucked the loose change back in the sock.

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Dunwich Dynamo 2019

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