Dunwich Dynamo 2019

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  • Pub On The Park, London Fields
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  • I reckon a 9 seater with a driver will be minimum £250 cost, considering that equals £28pp.. this is more then the early bird coach tickets back to London!

    Realistically a coach to Ipswich is far more feasible but will be mess to organise.

  • Happy with paying £28pp!

  • I'm happy to pay:

    • the early bird coach tickets are sold out
    • you have to share a coach with 80 other people rather than 8
    • minibus leaves when we all arrive
  • Its a no brainer. Where will 9 bikes go on a minibus?

  • Rent an 11-seater from CSV in Tottenham and ask them to remove the back row seats.

    You may have to partially disassemble a few bikes but they will all fit with bags and provisions.

  • Trailers are available for minibuses...these are often used by companies running passengers to long-term car parks.
    You'd just be better off hiring a driver to take van all the way back to London.
    If anyone can find a 9/11 seater with trailer..that would be helpful.
    Then I'm sure a driver wouldnt be too hard to find.

  • I don't know what the cost implications of that are, never considered it.

    I just drove for a few years to support friends.

  • a 14 seater minibus hired over saturday and sunday costs £208 from CVS according to their website.

    sounds reasonable

  • How much for fuel and driver?

  • I'll drive for £1,000,000. And I'll cover the fuel

  • The driver is ideally a friend who isn't riding.

    Can't remember fuel cost but it wasn't excessive. I entered the distance into an online fuel calc. and factored it in.

  • Also brought down a BBQ /fire pit, food and beer, insect repellant.

    All that shit is priceless at 5AM.

  • Ah that sounds heavenly

  • I was thinking an uber driver at a loose end after the club runs are done.
    But that sounds amazing..

  • Interested

  • ok, let's do this.

    14 seat transit - £208
    fuel (220mi, 29mpg, 130.7p/l) - £45
    driver - £70 (????)
    total = £330 roughly.

    Between 11 people that is £30 each. Should be space for the bikes if we take 3 seats out?
    Who knows someone who will drive it for the £70?

  • We ragged it up the dual carriageway last time I did it and I was towing a couple of mates for who an extra 20 miles was a pretty big deal.

    It was back in the days you used to be able to jump on the train at Darsham, but Darsham was a shitshow so we took an unplanned trip to Ipswich, so morale was at about 3% all round.

  • Yeh to be fair it really depends what state you’re in by Dunwich. Me and two mates did it last year and got picked up by ones parents as they live just outside Ipswich, I wouldn’t have minded the ride but I think they were both pretty happy for the lift.

    I guess if the Dynamo itself is a known quantity and no big deal for you as a rider then it’s not too bad, if the dynamo is a pretty big deal in of itself then yeh it’s a bit of a slog.

  • In on the 5am bbq on the beach

  • I’ve got a coach ticket, but would love to get involved in beers and bbq on the beach. The fry up has never quite hit the spot for me.

  • Anyone thinking of riding back? Pending weather obvs

  • If the minibus doesn't happen I might. It was raining on and off last time and that was not fun

  • Potentially up for this. What’s the distance each way again?

    Ignore me- just discovered a really useful tool called Google.

    But yes, probably in for this.

  • Any joy on finding a minibus driver?

  • Less dorks, 100% guaranteed.

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Dunwich Dynamo 2019

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