Dunwich Dynamo 2019

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  • Pub On The Park, London Fields
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  • Any vegan reccos earlier in the route also?

  • The Cyclist at Sudbury (mentioned above) are doing a vegan bean stew. A fair few other places seem to be mentioning vegan options too.

  • Carry your own food. You know you'll like it, you can eat when you like and no worries about bonking in the middle of nowhere!

    I'd also recommend eating a decent meal at about 3am. It's pretty cold then and the rest and food will help you through the worst part of the ride (just before dawn), when most people feel pretty shitty from lack of sleep and the drop in temperature.

  • I was planning to do this, yeah - surprised so many people seem to want to rely on specific food stops as I personally prefer to stop when I feel like it, and eat what I've prepared beforehand ('prepared' being a generous term). However, I'll definitely make use of any opportunities to have a nice warm cup of coffee!

  • ive got a saddle bag and bar bag full of food and still plan on stopping. Will prob make it to the beach around wednesday

  • Haha I might too, depending on whether my legs feel a bit better tomorrow than they felt this morning...

  • I took the day off today to wash and lube my bike and give my legs a day off before the early start tomorrow.

    You doing it fixed?

  • Yeah, same old bike. I have my old road bike around again too, so theoretically I could use that instead. But I'm only just putting it all back together / re-cabling it and I'd rather not risk doing 200km on a largely untested setup.

    I'm thinking about exchanging the 51t chainring on my fixed gear with the original 48t one that I got knocking about somewhere. With the 18t cog on the back that would make for a more sensible gearing, considering my likely average speed and the resulting cadence. However, I'm likely to be too lazy to actually get it done.

  • Ha enjoy, after the beating i took on the last long ride on mine (January) I think Ill go with my Arkose with big comfy tyres and more than one gear!

  • Thanks - I'm planning to take it relatively slow and see how it goes! Might see you around :)

  • If youre going slow then chances are you will!

  • Really looking forward to this, been wanting to do it for a few years now but things always got in the way. Will be on a Trek gravel bike (crockett 5) say hi if you spot me trying to stay awake

  • Just decided I'm gonna have a crack at this. Think i have most of the stuff I'll need (apart from maybe the legs).

    I only have one set of bosses/cage on my bike, so will need to fashion something tomorrow... What is refill situation like on route/how much water should I carry?

  • surprised so many people seem to want to rely on specific food stops

    There was a time when nothing was open in Essex and Suffolk after the first pubs you pass, and for a long time there was one single food stop, at Great Waldingfield, which was always a bit of a lifesaver with hot soup and pasta. The more recent development of loads of stopping options is great, as the local economy has taken over (the above-mentioned food stop was organised by Londoners). I'm sure that has made people lazier, but it also helps with the Dynamo's real character as a stately and luxurious procession to the beach.

  • Fair enough - I'll be mostly relying on my own food regardless, I like the independence of cycling and this is part of it for me.

  • if you bring food and dont need it then no problem... if you don't bring food and need it then problem

  • You won't have a problem refilling. I think the many food stops generally offer water for free. There are some pubs early on in the route that will still be open. If you're quick, you might make it as far as Finchingfield. Things change every year, though, and there may be more pubs open this year. I can't remember where it was now, but I rode past one pub that was just closing somewhere after Needham Market. It was at least 2 or 3am. Whether or not you want one or two bottles probably depends on your stopping strategy, e.g. can you get to Sudbury on one bottle? It won't be that warm, so less need for water.

  • Well, the Dynamo is basically a social event, and one kind of place where you socialise is at the food stops. :)

  • So @cjr, me and two of our friends are doing our first DD tonight. We planned it all, more lights, booked our vegan stew, borrowed a mates car and bike rack. Richard drove all the way to Dunwich last night and parked up so it’d be waiting for us when we get there.

    Unfortunately the bike rack is still in his kitchen.

    Does anyone have:

    a) A rack that would fit on a human / bike to carry a bike rack. A bike rack rack. Or a bike rack bike rack.

    b) Is driving this morning and could take it with them, or knows someone at a coach operation / Southwark Cyclists who could take it to Dunwich today or tonight at some point.


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  • Alternatively, if anyone knows of someone riding a cargo bike to Dunwich there’s a case of beer / love / wine / cold hard cash in it for them.

  • I think on the DD Facebook page there was someone mentioning doing it on a cargo bike, but I don't know for sure / I don't know them personally.

  • Think we have sorted it, thanks. A club mate is driving up so will take the rack.

  • Have a beautiful time tonight everyone.

    The sea at Dunwich is a pleasant temperature at the mo’, so those who like swimming could do a lot worse than taking a towel & swimwear.


  • Where is everyone?

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  • ^ You obviously took a wrong turn and missed them. Did you not follow the line of red lights? #DDcliches

    Have a great ride all. I injured myself a few weeks ago so am missing this for the second year running.

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Dunwich Dynamo 2019

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