Dunwich Dynamo 2019

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  • I think I'll have a spare coach ticket, maybe 2 if anyone wants.

    Doing it for the first time this year- will I need a decent front light ?

  • Seconded YES. And keep your rear light on steady, no-one wants to be looking at a blinky bright red light for miles and miles!

  • I've got a Knog blinder but I guess I'll need some more lumens... what kind of thing are people using?

    Guessing the Knog might not even last..

  • Your knog will be fine. Keep it on steady. Bring a backup one from decathlon.

  • That knog is a safety “be seen” light. It won’t light up the road in front on dark sections.

  • Just while I’m here does anyone have a 2013 dynamo jersey they’d part with? Bit of a reunion ride and always regretted not getting one at the time!

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  • I contacted them and they said that it wasn't possible. Maybe I'll try my luck again. I don't normally get to Ipswich until after 3:30 anyway - I have a good friend in Westleton and we have brunch together.

  • Anyone ridden down to Harwich and got a train back to London from there? As far as I can work out there aren't any restrictions from there, but it's pretty confusing.

  • Harwich is quiet and I've had a tandem on the train between there and London without a reservation

  • Thank you - it looks like a pleasant cycle down with ferries and stuff so am tempted.
    Aside from having twice sworn not to ever do DD again, but am now slightly tempted as long as I neither have to wait for a coach or ride back.

  • Weird - for reference I booked the 17:43 and called them on Monday and they said no problem

  • Have to mark essays tomorrow now instead of deposit car as planned, please can I have two coach tics please?

  • Dunwich looking lovely today. Here’s the approach along the side of the Franciscan Friary ruins.

    And here is the edge of the sea: https://soundcloud.com/user-143636955/sp­ectrumview-new-recording-7

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  • You might call me soft but I've pre-booked a bacon roll. Haven't seen the link up thread so here it is:

  • Me too (although I went for the beans). Did the same last year. Even though there are plenty of food options along the way - but less after Sudbury - it was reassuring to know grub was guaranteed and you wouldn't have to queue.

  • I was contacting them by e-mail...
    After I read your comment I phoned them and sure enough there were places, so I'm booked on the 16:43. Thanks for the tip, I'd have missed the ride if I hadn't read what you wrote.

  • Anyone know of a food option around abouts Framlingham that caters to vegans? We're doing the double and the above suggestion of Sudbury is a bit too early for a proper break for our schedule...

  • Gosbeck village Hall are advertising that they're doing veggie rolls (along with bacon rolls, soup etc) the dynamo Facebook page. Obviously that could just means cheese...

    Edit: they just posted confirming there will be vegan options.

  • Thanks dude. I’ve got confirmation that Brandeston Village Hall at about 100 miles is doing hot vegan food. That’ll do us.

  • So... anyone checked the weather? (I’m rubbish at this sort of thing) is there a clever way of tracking weather against a route? 🤷♂️👍🏻

  • Or a less clever way is to check the BBC weather at the start, middle and end. currently: London 20°c at 9pm, Sudbury 12°c at 2am and Dunwich 13°c at 7am. 7-10mph breeze from the north (booo!) all the way. No rain.

  • Wind works for my first leg solo from Dunwich to Hackney in the morning. Hopefully wind dies down and the event gets me though the return to the beach

  • Great to hear they're catering for vegans at those stops! Brandeston sounds as if I should stop there.

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Dunwich Dynamo 2019

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