Dunwich Dynamo 2019

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  • Pub On The Park, London Fields
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  • Realised there wasn't an event for this yet.


    Southwark Cyclists early bird coach tickets sold out already, ~120 normal price tickets left.

    Looking forward to being able to do it this year, something always seems to come up on the weekend it's on.

  • Hoping to make it again this year. Just need to sort out a way to get back to London. Don't fancy the couch - has anyone tried getting the train back from Ipswich?

    Me and a friend got a lift back with his family last year which was very welcome. We lured them up to Dunwich with the promise of a day out at the sea but after perfect riding conditions the weather turned foul on Sunday morning so they basically ended up doing a 3 hour round trip for a fish and chip lunch.

  • is anyone running forum transport for this?
    @|³|MA3K ?

  • Yep I got the train back... I got to Ipswich a bit earlier than expected and the guards allowed quite a few of us to board a different train to the one booked...it's was all quite organised and well rehersed.
    Knocked out on the train and the bike and i arrived safely back at Liverpool st.

  • Riding to Ispwich to catch a train after all those lovely winding lanes is really depressing, just FYI

  • cheers @wildwest @honk for the tips.
    Good to know it's straight forward, if that proves to be the best option. I must admit that I'm not overly keen on adding another 30 miles - even after a breakfast pint. But it might be that needs must.

  • Just do it. Then go to Ipswich and let the lovely station staff take care of you. They're all geared up to get you home. Be prepared to wait a while. Chill. Have a beer n burger across the road.

  • My top tip is make friends with @seager and let him drag you round and get you there for sunrise.

  • How very dare you, the only dragging I did was all the gear I overpacked.

    Then again, I was very very grateful for the sleeping bag at the beach. Looking forward to this year where I most definitely will be bringing more choice gear.

  • Haha it was meant as a compliment!?

    More gear Or more suitable??

  • Poor sarcasm was poor - you 2 definitely made the right bike choice and absolutely got me to the beach (probably far too quickly).

  • We wanted to be sure you got to use that sleeping bag!

  • I got a train from Colchester to Ipswich the other day, the guard checked for a bike reservation, which I didn't have. He let me on anyway.

    This was on an inter city train, I'm not sure how many bikes they would be prepared to take. Get a reservation if you can. I've got a decent route from marks tey to Epping if you are planning a part train / part ride home

  • I have to agree here... as dunwich is the finish it's really hard to muster the energy and effort.... might be worth organising some sort of man with van and a minibus or 2..if there is enough of us.

  • Coach is actually fine too... bit cramped and hot but just bring an eyemask and crash out for a couple of hours.

  • put me down for two spaces in a man and van/bus
    anyone else?

  • One 9 seater minibus will make it viable..well have to see on cost once numbers are confirmed

  • I'd provisionally be up for 2 seats on the vengabus also. (Depending on cost & double checking I'm free that weekend)

  • I'd also chip in for a minibus

  • 6 down, 3 to go!

  • It’s really not that bad. I’d say it’s probably only the last few miles that are on proper town/city roads, especially after you’ve had a rest on the beach. Depends if/how much you’re struggling by dunwich I guess. The route back to Ipswich is actually mostly pretty nice until you hit martlesham/kesgrave (about 4 miles into town and I’m pretty sure it’s a ‘net’ downhill), but then it’s Sunday morning so it’s mega quiet. Especially if you’re in a group it’s pretty leisurely unless the conditions are properly against you.

  • I’ve got a coach ticket. Probably riding the GT Edge LOLWTFBBQ which means it’s the first time I’m doing it on gears... but, meh, I’m old and my knees are crumbly.

  • id be up to pitch in for one or maybe two seats on a bus, pending price and confirming availability :)

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Dunwich Dynamo 2019

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