Toys, Beeches and Back Lanes - Kent 3

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  • A new-ish, proposed route for TNRC. We'll start from Otford so similar station to Kent 2, but instead we head south up Toys, through the reservoir and then climb back up for a wicked descent of Back Lane returning to Otford Station in time for the last trains. 34 miles of Kent, fairly tried and tested lanes.

    Train out from Blackfriars - 19:05, arrives 19:51
    Train out from Victoria - 19:25, arrives 19:58

    It's not that far from SE so those who are up for a ride back may select to cruise up Polhill and glide (or smash, or limp) down the A21 back home. However, last trains are 22:48, 22:56, 22:59, 23:29, 23:36, 23:youreridingthefuckhome

  • What is Kent 3?

    I used to know this kind of thing :(

  • 3 hills ffs

  • I'm in, need to see if I can get an early finish at work for the ride out.

  • so keen for some night riding but will have no chance until june as i'm then back to work and bizarrely that frees me up for riding!

    only a few weeks.

  • I shall be with you in spirits.

  • There is no Kent 3 - this is Kent 3 and I was confused. It is that I didn't realise for many years that in fact there was a Surrey 3 (which does a loop of Box Hill and uses the underground pedestrian crossing), and so when titling this thread I was thinking of that by adding the .5.

    Well spotted and title changed.

  • Train out

    Ride out
    1) Rod_Munch
    2) jaeyukdapbap

  • Oh yeah!

    Train out
    1) YAL (Blackfriars)

    Ride out
    1) Rod_Munch
    2) jaeyukdapbap

  • You were doing really well...

  • I appreciate you.

    Really, I do.

  • Are these rides still intended for fixed gear only? Always wanted to join, but stopped riding fixed years ago..

  • Fixed first. There are some rules/guidelines that have been knocking around for years which are worth having a look through but the short of it is, if you wanna come along on a non fixed bike you're totally welcome if you're happy not to shoot off the front and don't mind carrying momentum up the hills before switching through your gears. It's a very nice bunch, a decent standard of riding and one of the best ways you could ever spend your Thrusday night. Come along!

  • Yeah, I read the rules, hence my question.. Thanks for the reply. I might come along this Thursday then, will confirm tomorrow.

    Edit: I'm out

  • Train out
    1) YAL (Blackfriars)
    2) Seager (Victoria)

    Ride out
    1) Rod_Munch
    2) jaeyukdapbap

  • Train out
    1) YAL (Blackfriars)
    2) Seager (Victoria)
    3)Scrabble (Victoria)

    Ride out
    1) Rod_Munch
    2) jaeyukdapbap

  • @jaeyukdapbap what sort of time you rolling out and from where?

  • @middleofnowhere can’t ride this because I’ve still got his front light 🤭

  • Though I’m certain we could arrange some meeting tomorrow.

  • is this fixed only?

  • No, with caveats (ride sensibly)

  • admiral_ackbar.gif

  • It's Remy's second birthday, i'll probably be down mayow park with a microscooter but i'm coming for you TNRC

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Toys, Beeches and Back Lanes - Kent 3

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