European Elections

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  • The website isn't that great:

    Wasn't there an excellent tactical voting tool in the GE? Has anyone seen anything similar for the EE?

    Overall it looks like Lib Dems will be the best bet for those in London. But again, that vote may well be split by the Greens and remedial Labour voters.

  • Yes, it's disappointing - I was hoping for a regional list of which single party to vote for (wasn't @Velocio involved in something similar for the last GE). Instead, unless I've missed something whilst browsing on mobile, it just says 'vote tactically'.

    Perhaps there's more to come in the future.

  • I was involved in

    I think those behind that (inc' me) are so disillusioned by the opposition it's really hard to make recommendations. Liberals don't stand a good chance in their seats, and Labour aren't actually opposed to Brexit.

    There is no-one to really vote for... the best you have is a vote for Liberal Democrats as it's proportional representation within a region. But on a wider spread that may not dent as much as it should (due to region boundaries) and strength of Leave sentiment in other regions.

  • are the change UK party even anti-brexit? I thought they were just pushing for another referendum?

  • I don't think anyone is proposing to just cancel brexit and never speak of it again. Second Referendum is the remain policy. See Lib Dems -

    The Liberal Democrats want to give you the final say on the Brexit

    You should be able to choose whether the deal is the right deal for
    Britain's future. If it's not, then you should be able to reject it
    and remain in the European Union.

  • ah ok.
    so just a re-run but without any plans to change the result, or the reasons behind it.

  • I guess a route may be to put enough pressure on Labour to get some terrible polling results to move there position.

    Although who knows if anyone in the Labour leadership even gives a fuck about anything as crass as opinions polls.

  • Pretty much.

    "fingers crossed enough leavers have died" is the calculation normally suggested.

  • It is difficult to vote libdem, I don't really trust them, but they are pushing a very strong anti-brexit message, which I feel I must simply support.

    My feeling exactly, if Labour made their stance as clear as the LD, then we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  • Pretty sure they have:

    They will implement a soft Brexit which imposes the same obligations that we have already, but with fewer benefits.

  • I don't know how significant this is ...

    Unlike in a general election, these elections are not about individual personalities but about giving support to a party: parties can change the order of their candidate lists even after the elections, meaning they decide who takes up the seats they may win, not the voter.

    Parties not personalities.

  • I lot of people I know are looking for guidance on how to vote tactically to prevent UKIP / Brexit Party getting lots of seats. We need a hero.

  • It's PR within regions... you only need everyone to go vote and vote for Liberal Democrat.

    That's it, that simple.

    For UK elections it's more difficult, then it's first past the post on constituencies between 75-85k people and careful voting it needed.

    But for EU PR based elections... you just need people to vote, and for EU voting Lib Dem is the strongest option if you do not want your vote construed as being for a pro-Brexit party (even Labour votes can be counted in that).

  • I really wanna vote Green though

  • You're in Scotland right? I think voting SNP is required to prevent the Brexit party. The issue with that, is the SNP do plan on using this to ask for another independence ref.

    It looks like UKIP are going to crash and burn anyway - most leavers will vote for King Farage.

  • I really wanna vote Green though


  • Ditto.

  • Vote Green. I will. If Lib Dems wanted my vote they should have earned it. Lib Dems aren’t offering anything Greens don’t already and more.

  • Protest voting or tactical voting needs to be a thing of the past.

  • that website doesn't make sense, its showing no matter what they do Greens won't get any seats in the whole of the UK. But we have 3 Green MEPs now (London, Southeast, Southwest)?

  • Mate, it's such a fucking unbelievable nonsense.

  • Protest voting or tactical voting needs to be a thing of the past.

    Sorry, but that makes no sense.

    It absolutely depends on the situation.

    Right now there is one staunch Brexit protest party and two main pro-brexit parties. Any contributions to those three parties will be interpreted as a proxy vote for Brexit.

    Therefore, if you want to opose that, the only way is by making your vote count.

  • Is a vote for Greens going to help, in any way, any pro-Brexit cunt?

  • Don't you want you vote to be earned rather than just surrendered under duress? Why are people forgetting that Greens are both anti-Brexit and proven electable in European Parliament?

  • I'm voting Green. Fuck it.

    If not now, when?

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European Elections

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