Hebridean Way: 17th-20th May 2019 - company sought!

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  • Great stuff. Looks fantastic. Hope you made it to the end!

  • Well in the end this was less of a drama than I'd anticipated. Two falafel pittas, some honey roast nuts and a couple of energy bars were enough to get round, and without the headwind it was a much easier day, despite being half as long again as the Saturday. Water refills came courtesy of a couple of taps on the side of buildings, and there were even a couple of places open, had I really been in dire straits. I also noticed that further north on Lewis a couple of people had honesty boxes at the end of their driveways containing home baking and water. This could have been pure altruism, but I suspect having passing cyclists or hikers knock on your door a couple of times a day, every day, also becomes wearing after a while.

    Harris was absolutely stunning, and with that came a bit of early climbing. I left the bunkhouse bang on 8am, and arrived at Callanish about 12:30, having been pretty disciplined about staying on the bike. There was a bit of dicking about here when I realised the standing stones I'd stopped at were not the standing stones, so I probably didn't really get going again until around 2pm.

    There was a bit of rain just before the bail-out point, but I was still feeling good enough (and had enough food and water) by the time I got to the junction that I didn't really give it a second thought. The last hour or so up to the Butt of Lewis is constantly rolling, and with some heavier rain coming in it did sap my energy a little. There were a couple of other riders when I got to the top who were getting a shuttle bus back to Stornoway, but at £66 with only 46km to get back I demurred.

    I was glad to have made it as the Butt of Lewis is beautiful, and also featured some of the only blue sky I'd seen all day. In the end I left there a bit before 5pm, so was back in Stornoway for 7pm.

    Even had enough in the legs to make relatively light work of the ride back to Inverness the following day.


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  • Lunch

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  • Sad standing stone is sad

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  • Butt of Lewis

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  • Lighthouse!

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  • Chapeau!

    It looks incredible. Nicely done.

  • where did you get a falafel wrap on lewis?!

  • Pittas from the Co-op at Sollas on North Uist, falafel mix from the Leverburgh shop where I panic-bought whatever I could, 15 minutes before closing on the Saturday!

    The mizzle kept them nice and moist until they were needed.

  • good to know, I'm on harris now :~)

  • Nice! I had a great feed at The Anchorage in Leverburgh. 10/10 would bang again.

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Hebridean Way: 17th-20th May 2019 - company sought!

Posted by Avatar for dumps @dumps