Leith Hill Octopus

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  • Every way up Leith Hill that's on a road.

    All abilities welcome provided you can follow a GPX file - if the pace is too hard then there's a pub and shop at the top where you can wait for the group to come around again. If the pace is too easy you can try some of the off-road ascents while you wait for the mortals to catch up.

    Ride out at 7am from the Waterloo area, or meet at Dorking. Finish back at Dorking and train beers on the way home to Waterloo.


  • Go onnn then.

  • The good bit will be the 8 descents of Leith hill.

  • I'm in, I'll leave the dinner plate back cog on from this weekend's Peaks expedition...

  • Is there a train out from Waterloo option?

  • There are tracks from Waterloo and Victoria to Dorking.

    The existence of trains is a question you need to investigate.

  • Currently I would die trying to do those hill over and over. If was doughnut day today and I feel like one

  • Hilarious.

  • There's a 7:54 from Waterloo (arrives Dorking 8:41).

    Should be about right - gives 1h40 to ride the 24 miles to Dorking for the ride out crew.

    Quick coffee in Dorking then it's time for Hills Hills Hills Hills Hills Hills Hills Hills Beer Train.

  • ffffs i go on training camp this day #saveleithill

  • You should make sure you actually summit leith hill at least once - the track up from the main climb is pretty good, and doable on any bike provided it's not a mud bath. The view is 1st rate, and much better than anything afforded by the roads. Tea and buns are available from a little hatch in the tower too, and if feeling really strong, you can pay a small fee to climb to very top of the tower, complete with a small fancy dress box half way up.

    Do not try and descend the steep tracks back to the road - they are either steps most of the way or deffo not ok on road bikes.

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  • keen for this.

    i'll take the train out and meet you at dorking.

  • I think I'll take the train to keep that sensible (lol). Are we meeting at the station at 8:41 then?

  • Curious to see how that compares to last weekend's ride in the Peak District. Commute felt noticeably easier today :)

  • Train, 0754 from Waterloo:

    • cgg
    • skive?

    Ride out, 0700 from Waterloo:

    • inappropriate_bike
  • Oh shit yeah, a list! (Let's format it slightly differently each time.)

    Train, 0754 from Waterloo:

    1. cgg
    2. skive
    3. jaeyukdapbap

    Ride out, 0700 from Waterloo:

    1. innapropriate_bike
  • And we have group save \o/

  • Train, 0754 from Waterloo:

    1. cgg
    2. skive
    3. jaeyukdapbap
    4. cagimaha

    Ride out, 0700 from Waterloo:

    1. innapropriate_bike

  • perfect.
    i'll be up to waterloo for a quarter to.

  • I made this mistake once on my race bike. Fell off quite a bit, and got so much sand in my rear derailleur it took hours to clean. Was kind of fun in a way.

    Sad I can't make this, got the taste for riding uphill in the wrong gear.

  • Hmmm. Now I'm going to have to decide if I really want to ride out when the rest of you lot will be well rested.

  • Gives you a legit excuse?

  • That's what I'm thinking.

    Plus Clement and Dan need to get used to waiting for me at the top of hill after hill, only to be left behind by my superior gravity on the descents.

  • Ah, I saw Simon Warren's article about this in Cycling Weekly recently. Seems quite mad. :)

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Leith Hill Octopus

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