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  • Yeah no worries

    As long as we leave at 8 at the latest it should be golden

    Enjoy the hills tonight!

  • Just got home

    Will be there about 7-00 ish myself

    So a ‘relaxed’depart time now I reckon

  • Also had a puncture on the way back so could someone bring a spare tube for me please? 😬

  • Probably make it 07-30...

  • I’ve got a job lot of cheapo Planet X ones - just chucking one in my frame bag for you now.

  • Gutted. Prepped the sweet fixeh but have woken up with a nasty case of the Tom Tits.

    Have a good ride, I’ll look out for the next instalment of Beeching Cuts rides.

  • We are at East Grinstead, heading for lunch at Hartfield

  • That was a lot of fun

    I reckon a few more might be in order

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  • I was chained to my desk all day 20m from the butchers! Sorry I missed you, my pie break didn't coincide with yours unfortunately.

  • Great pies

    I had Rabbit and Bacon, it was banging

  • Such pie, very rough stuff, many awesome.

  • My staple - Steak and Stilton for me today. Not entirely justified by my 24k commute!

    Where was that super boggy bit btw?

  • That was me doggeded wanting to follow the old alignment out of Three Bridges

    Technically it’s off any of the ‘Ways’

  • I see the Sustrans have upgraded their LCN judging by that top picture!

  • What??? Rabbit and bacon?
    Do they deliver?

  • Probably

    Nice bloke - Nick the Butcher

    The pub were accommodating in the village as well

  • I am deeply envious.

  • That bit is definitely off all Networks!

  • The chicken madras pie was sensational.

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  • Looks like an intriguing trip.

    Where is this?

    Are the trains just rotting away there or is someone intending to restore them (even if the prospect seems to be remote)?

  • did teh sick groad bikes ride through the muck with ease?

  • We just flicked the inbuilt marketing conversion switches and they immediately became gravel bikes.

  • Spa Valley Railway at Groombridge

    This Rolling stock will get restored i would imagine, just when there is funding available

  • Ta. I looked around Groombridge on a slippy map and completely failed to spot it. It's a lot more obvious than I thought.

  • Looks great. got more planned?

    I'd hope to be in for a summer ride from Guildford to the seaside down the downs link route. That's all disused railway track I think....I've done bits of it and it has been relatively 28c friendly.

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The Railway Touring Club. Beeching Cuts - Three Bridges to Groombridge

Posted by Avatar for Ecobeard @Ecobeard