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  • Beeching Cuts Rail Ride

    This has been born out of the Railway Touring Club thread

    A decent run out to Three Bridges, then a wander along the closed line from Three Bridges to Groombridge, taking in the delights of what old railway infrastructure remains, before spinning back into town for some ale.

    At least 10-15miles of this ride is off road on cinder path/mud/paths, so be sensible in tyre choice. This does not mean gravel bikes and frame bags.....I'm thinking more RSF

    0630 - 0700 meet for breakfast at CSG, depart around 0800


  • Booked the day off work.

    Leave request approved.

    Breakfast menu consulted.

    Choo choo!

  • Wait, are you saying a gravel bike is not sufficient for this ride?

  • No, they are not required, generally and certainly for this ride

    25c to 30c with the correct attitude will suffice

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  • I will be on a gravel bike, but don't judge me too much

  • if this was a week after I'd be unemployed and would make it :'(

  • I'm in (if have new bike by then)

  • Just be unemployed sooner, it’s not that hard to arrange

  • You know I would never, ever judge you Josh

  • Nice one matey

  • also @6pt

  • Think it's only my second forum ride. Jeesh I'm an antisocial bastard.

  • Sounds like you’ll fit in perfectly on the Railways

  • I’ll be landing at Gatwick just as everyone gets to Crawley. If I could strap the bike box to my back and ride home I’d join in...

  • Might there be an option of joining at Three Bridges, having got the train there? I can't do that early a start nor that many miles...

  • Think it's only my second forum ride

    Does that make me your first?!

    Now I feel special

  • You should be proud. Very proud.

    Sadly had to sell the ogre to fund adventures in south america so no honey badger rides for a while.

  • Definitely

    Would need to look at timings though

  • I rode a similar route yesterday on 28mm's (https://www.strava.com/activities/217954­4047) and it's greeeeeat. A lot of the path is smoother than some of the tarmacadam in Kent. It might get a bit muddy in a downpour, so don't #lean. Easy to miss the right-hand turn onto the path in East Grinstead.

  • I am hoping for mud so it creates nervousness in the bunch, then when the inevitable crashes happen I can force the break......

    Easy to miss the right-hand turn onto the path in East Grinstead.

    The one just off the roundabout? tricky one eh!

  • I've pencilled this one in. Being a Kent boy I would most probably peel off after Ide Hill and head home.

    Will be running 25s either on a sweet fixie or retro road bike.

  • I am now doing this on the sweet winteh fixeh.

    Hartfield is about half way, so we can nudge the buffers there and take on some water

    The Anchor Pub seems serviceable and there is a bike shop and a village sghop.

    Winnie the Pooh is also from there as well, apparently.

  • will join if i may. what is RSF?
    you were bit funny about my kinesis with frame bag when you saw it...but its all i got atm
    i could do without the frame bag i suppose

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The Railway Touring Club. Beeching Cuts - Three Bridges to Groombridge

Posted by Avatar for Ecobeard @Ecobeard