Harder Day in the Peaks 2020 edition

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  • Should be there in about 5

  • Someone brought tubeless tyres along so...

    We’re fixing a puncture outside Nero. Might make sense for everyone to come here.

  • Excellent ride my dudes. Peeled off after Marple as needed to attend to this.bloody cat. 10/10 Would ride again

  • Piktures

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  • the last one is my favourite

  • The upcoming zine #PlacesClementIsHiding may even be out before the LFGSS book...

  • Worse places to hide than the Norfolk

  • Today was fantastic, big thanks to everyone involved in organising and everyone who was there - we had a great bunch of riders. My photos haven't come out best, on accord of being in pain at every given moment? Hard ride. I'll get them online probably tomorrow.

    Thanks again and great to meet you all.

  • Yesterday was so much fun, great route and great riders, same again next year.
    Thanks for the facilitation YAL.

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  • 2nd upload

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  • Excellent day out and great bunch of people. Cheers to everyone, and especially those who helped organise.

  • Rep

  • Ah that sweet gravel interlude... It will always be in my heart.

  • Nice pics. 👍

  • Great day yesterday, thanks! Not too many pics from me, was too busy trying to stay on when the road was going up and flying away when it was going down. (sorry!)

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  • And today I got through Rooley Moor, and ultimately to Lancaster, just.

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  • Great day out, legs still feeling it. Big thanks to @Pmccee for the tow up Snakes pass as there was no way I was getting up it in a one-r without it!

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  • Nice one!

  • Amazing!

  • Some effort to go over Rooley the next day! Spicy cobbles.

    @cagimaha Snakes Pass was nasty, I was positive it was shorter than that. The last km was unpleasant. Was relieved to be single speed on the way down! no idea how it was managed fixed.

  • I swear it felt like we were climbing for about 2 hours, strava tells me it was less than 15 mins...

  • Nice to see all the positive reactions, I'm glad it went off well.
    Rooley Moor route looks good, I'll have to go exploring some time...

  • It's a bit of a dump, but might as well share so everyone has them.

  • Gutted I missed this as it took in some of my favourite roads but glad you all had a good time and hats for getting up Snake Pass after a fair bit of climbing. I’m guessing it must have been about 2,000m in the end?

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Harder Day in the Peaks 2020 edition

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