Harder Day in the Peaks 2020 edition

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  • @edscoble I'm planning on riding to the start Saturday morning leaving Sheffield from near Bramall Lane at 6-6:30. There is an 8:08 train if things go sideways however.

  • I’m afraid I’m bailing as I and the other half feel it’s irresponsible to travel up (even if we’re not showing symptom).

  • Understandable.

  • Hey Ed OK, sorry to miss you. I don't think it's irresponsible but hopefully it's OK to agree to disagree. Hopefully see you on the road soon!

  • Just downloaded the .gpx files, they're huge: ~500kb. Mine all seem to be around a fifth of that, is my garmin gonna shit the bed with these big files? Does anyone know how to make a smaller one?

  • Have you downloaded the route or the track? Either way ridewithgps/bikehike.co.uk should allow you to reduce the number of points.

  • I definitely can't make it over to Macc this weekend, going to be there the weekend after though!
    Hope y'all have a good ride. I'll try and ride it late, or whip up a sneaky "grav grav" version for summer while I'm over :)

  • Yeah usually they are smaller, dunno why this one is so large. It's a route amended from one drawn up earlier. I reduced the control points but that doesn't seem to have changed the size. Dunno what to say!

  • Reducing points is a paid feature in rwgps. I use and enjoy their software so much I really should start paying for it.

    I'll stick with the files as is and see.

  • There should be enough of us that we all won't need the route as I'm sure we plan on sticking together

  • Quick route as .gpx download - one version reduced to 500 points.

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  • I don't think it's irresponsible.

    Yes, which would be fine however we’re concern is that we both been exposed to a lots of people this weeks and while we feel 100% fine, the other half’s dad know a lots of vulnerable people in Sheffield, so it’s best to be cautious.

  • Please do what you feel is best

  • Sad you're not gonna be there Andy

  • Was someone out recceing this today? Guy round Marple bridge on a nice steel flat bar gravel type bike who looked very on here. Dude was fast too

  • Birmingham- Macclesfield was appropriately grim today. Where and when are we meeting tomorrow morning ?

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  • Ah you're not on the fixed stayer?? :(

    Our train gets in from manc at 9.17, not sure of plan beyond that

  • No, sadly the combination of a temperamental knee and the extended weekend (and hilly extensions!) meant I opted for gears. Still a Stayer though!

  • Looking forward to seeing it

  • London get in at 08:41. So, aim to leave Macc Station by 09:30 once Manc and Whitstable get in?

  • Sounds cool, I’ll see you at the station around 9, 9:15 then.

  • 4 from manc en route on train

  • Wicked! 4 in cafe Nero in Macc.

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Harder Day in the Peaks 2020 edition

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