Harder Day in the Peaks 2020 edition

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  • May the fixie gods bless your week with sick bar spins and skidz for daaaaaays.

  • I've not actually ridden fixed since last year. Hence I am feeling a teeny bit apprehensive about next Saturday.

  • If that makes you feel any better, I’ll be on gears.

  • Where's better to stop for some lunch? Bakewell or Tideswell? Or option C?

    Bakewell seems to fit the timing better (esp. considering the return London train at 19:30) and has tourism appeal...

    Are there any changes to the suggested route?

    And four of us coming up will be riding fixed, but expecting to do some walking. We've got loads of time and it's more about dicking around than getting around at pace, right?

  • it's more about dicking around than getting around at pace

    This is very much how I'm feeling about it.

    Bakewell for lunch I reckon. There's a nice coffee shop in Hathersage as well.

    I've only ridden the roads a handful of times so I'm inclined to stick to @The_Seldom_Killer 's route and see how we go.

  • As a local, I'm very impressed by everyone doing this. You're either far fitter than me or have no idea what a world of pain you are in for. Good luck!!

  • Ignorance is...

    Last time I rode in the peaks I had gears, I think 39x25 was my lowest gear. I didn't keep that cassette much longer.

  • Or the inner ring for that matter.

  • I'll tweak the route over this weekend because there's a couple of little bits that need sorting out.

    As far as cafe stops are concerned, there's a good coffee shop in Hope if anyone fancies a bit of caffeine assistance before the first big climb. Tideswell might be preferable to Bakewell although there are options between the two and as far as Calver.

  • Hope also good for emergency bike mechanics, as is Hathersage. Bakewell I always find touristy but sure it has decent cafes, there’s a solid cafe opposite tideswell church/ cathedral that used to be good- used to do my sprint recovery days to there from Edale, smash a breakfast, do a ten mile loop, eat some tart and trundle home.. happy days.

    Good luck all, would love to join but frankly not fit enough

  • Make time for squid spotting in Hathersage

  • What are people's thoughts re gearing?
    My smallest chainring is a 48 so will probably run 48x18 or 48x20 depending on wind.

  • 44x17, possibly 18 if I can be bothered to order a new cog.

  • Final route to take out a few minor problems. If you have issues downloading this, send me your email and I get it to you.


  • @The_Seldom_Killer for Prime Minister!!

    Thanks lots dude!

  • No problem.

    I'll probably join you at the start, ride out through town until we go past my house and jump into the van for picture taking fun.

  • Nice one! Route copied over to the Wahoo.

    Gearing wise, I'm going for 47x19 I think which is just under 66".

  • If I can get this guy converted into something a bit more long distance, I'm in.

    0630 train up from London?

  • Yep 0630 - However, we have all the bike space reservations for the Kings X to Doncaster leg... There's only 5 available. Not too clued up on how strictly LNER enforce things.(?) @Ecobeard might have some train knowledge/top tips for this one.

  • Oh really? Jeez, what kind of hills are we doing? Like Tuesday night hills for 66 miles?? So 72" is going to be uncomfortable then. Might need to get a 18t and new chain.
    Luckily I think I lost a kilo or so from my week in Morocco.

  • ok, I just looked at the ride w gps. The 1st 2 hills I looked at were ave 10% for 1.2 miles, one with 23% max. Going shopping right now.

  • Route looks suitably hilly, then again there are tales of doing a 10 mile TT and then riding home over Mam Tor on 84" so make of that what you want!

  • Can get the 0555 instead, any advice on getting an extra bike on from the hive mind much appreciated.

    PS dug out my £8 selcof drop bars from PX, should do the trick.

  • It’ll be a class 91 with a Driving Van Trailer, so a big empty bit at the back. There are nominally 5 places for bikes on them so make sure you book them all, but there is room for a lot of bikes. I’ve had 22 in one. (Also got 17 on a HST, but I won’t brag).

    Then get there early, do some chatting to LNER staff on the concourse, find the gaurd (now called a ‘Train Manager’) and ask very very nicely if you can put more bike on than you are allowed.

    Emphasise that you will be ready to get the bikes off at the station you stop at, as in you will be in the closest carriage when the train pulls in etc etc.

    Be nice, but be prepared for the fact that some Railway folk will just say no for the sake of it and be horrible.

    You can try and phone LNER beforehand, but they never tell the train crew so it’s a right old mare

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Harder Day in the Peaks 2020 edition

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