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  • That would be a bit extreme on fixed. I confess to having only ridden around there a handful of times but would be up for helping scout out potential routes.

  • I'm up for a N.Yorks trip and a minibus would give us much more flexibility especially with the 4 bike limit on Virgin train. If we do stick to trains and there's any interest in the Lakes though I've had a quick stab at a couple of routes. Trains to Oxenholme are direct from Euston and take 2h51. An advance return is around £60 before any railcard/groupsave discounts.

    Suggestion 1: https://www.komoot.com/tour/93413832?ref­=wtd
    Both routes include Kirkstone Pass, Grasmere (gingerbread) and the cable chain ferry across Windermere. Highlights on this one are Aira Force waterfall, Thirlmere and Dunmail Raise, downsides are a few short sections on A-roads (3 miles the longest) and if the weather is bad there's longer sections that are very exposed and would be bleak as fuck.

    Suggestion 2: https://www.komoot.com/tour/93480683/zoo­m
    Highlights are descending 'the Struggle', the east side of Coniston and Grizedale Forest. Downsides are descending 'the Struggle' and though it's a much less exposed route it's still going to be grim if the weather is shit.

    I aimed for similar overall length/climbing to the Peaks route however both the above routes only have one really long climb. I've also tried to avoid the ridiculous gradients that are about, there's one climb (Red Bank, after Grasmere) on both routes which may need a short walk but I think would be doable given dry roads and enough commitment. That said if people do fancy some more serious climbing there are plenty of options.

  • Owing to the principle that two days of riding are better than one, why not stay overnight and do both? The Harder Weekend In The Lakes or something like that.

    Also very keen on some minibus action.

  • Minibus is a great idea. I'm on said Virgin train to Kendal at the moment to do the Fred route and a man has just thrown his bike on top of mine, scratching the paintwork.

  • I'd be keen to join in on this. Logistics are good for Manchester - Oxenholme

  • Googled this, looks interesting and hard. Love to know how you got on.

  • I'd say 80% of the route has fantastic scenery and Kirkstone, Burn Edge and Whinlatter definitely doable fixed.


    Wrynose is a pig, especially 150km into a ride.

  • Any interest in a 2020 edition?

  • Yep, hopefully trains can be sorted for manchester dwellers this time

  • Bumping this again as I now have a suitable bike to ride it on. Consensus last year was that fixed + hills + ice is a really bad idea. So, I'm going to stick my finger in the air and suggest the 7th or 14th March - thoughts?

  • You had a suitable bike last year!

  • I meant a fixed gear (I sold the last one). In comparison this one is much less suitable :)

  • I could do the 14th

  • Are you bringing any of the Manchester contingent along?

  • Hopefully. I'd imagine it'll come down to logistics again.

  • If there aren't any takers from London this year we could start from Manchester (no idea what routes into/out of the Peaks are like).

  • I think it's a little more distance to get into the Peaks proper, let's see what the uptake looks like.

    @peet @pmccee @Netakure fancy it?

  • I'm still interested, not sure if the date works but trains to Manc slightly easier than Sheffield. That said I'm fine getting to Sheffield again.

  • Yes I'm definitely up for it and currently free on either date. Stockport might be a good starting point to get a bit nearer and easy for Londoners to get to.

  • I reckon a few from London will be up for coming up. Might be best to plan after the real deal HDIJ. Stockport probs makes sense. Sheffield was good last year for the post ride beers.

  • Glad to hear it.

    Sheffield or Stockport works for me. I'll try and reccy a couple of different routes over the next few weeks.

  • If you get off at Macclesfield (the stop before Stockport), you’re pretty much in the Peaks.

    I’ll try and sort a SS bike out for this.

  • I'm up for it this year, was gutted to miss it last year. Let's try and fix a date soon!

  • What does everyone think of the date options listed above?

  • Team London can get up to Maccelsfield at 08:41 if we're one train load. If we need two trains, the second bunch can be up at 09:41, while the first bunch have breakfast or something. Either weekend works but I'd lean towards the 14th.

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Harder Day in the Peaks sign up

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