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  • Go on then, let’s go for a slightly emotive response to all this. I ended up sitting on a train for three hours to Sheffield with a stranger called Jonny when I was supposed to be on a train with a bunch I know quite well. We talked about bikes and bike stuff for he whole journey. We both agreed that from our differing experiences of cycling that we’d both got to the conclusion that these days we only aim to go cycling if we think it will be fun. Yesterday lived up to being a really fun day of cycling. Some of TSK’s route was frankly not possible - but it was so thoughtfully designed that there were heaps of options for making different choices off the hoof to meet the needs of the group. A fair work of art. Someone said that Po mentioned he hasn’t been cycling all that long - for this to be his favourite day out on a bike yet makes all the aches and pains worth it. A fun day out with a great bunch of people, out tackling some climbs they maybe thought they couldn’t and humbled by some that are much too tough to ride over fixed for mere mortals. And Clement ate well throughout the day, which is great.

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  • Cagimahmaramagahaga

  • Mam Tor HC live shots #1

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  • Mam Tor HC live shots #2

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  • Beautifully put sir.

  • Can we have more photos of this one please

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  • What a day, amazing ride and a really strong group. I think next time I'd prefer a descent of Winnats and a climb up the broken road but as mentioned above it was an incredible route and definitely ensured there was a hard day!

    Thanks to all involved, will look forward to the next one.

  • That's @Po

    I told him he should post it in the thread

  • Rep for Peaks fixed

  • As someone kindly pointed out, I need to chop the stays first ;)

    @Hulsroy you should recognise those forks.

  • Yes I felt some sort of connection to that.
    Exactly what I would have used them for

  • I'm expecting to resell than at BMW levels of inflation once you're a world-renowned framebuilder.

  • :)

    Let see about that

  • Great effort, although the weather was clearly much too good to make it very virtuous. :)

    I'm disappointed that there are pictures of Clément actually riding his bike and not eating.

    I imagine @clubman might like to see this.

  • Brilliant day, feel really grateful to be able to join this kind of thing. Thanks to the instigators for the day, especially @The_Seldom_Killer for the expertly produced route, and @jaeyukdapbap for getting us there. And everyone for the all-day good vibes!

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  • this looked totally epic.

    photos all look amazing.

    great work!

  • Photos are back!

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  • Pt. 2

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  • Pt. 3

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  • Lovely.

  • Oh lord those pics

  • Nice. Particularly like the last of the first bunch and the whole second bunch.
    We were discussing this ride on our manc weds night right last night, a fair bit of remorse about not being able to make it across/sort transport/not being fit enough. Still seriously impressed at you all for doing it. Next year.

  • Yeees amazing!

  • Lovely photos, awful ‘frame bags’

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Harder Day in the Peaks sign up

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