Harder Day in the Peaks 2020 edition

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  • Right here we go. Meet at Sheffield station at 9am. Coffee up and ride out at half past.

    Route will be a variation of @The_Seldom_Killer 's suggestion here

    It will be hard. Nuff said.

  • I hope you mean 9am?

  • That's what I said ;)

  • Have you decided on gear ratio......I know the area and reckon 66inch fixed although 70 is possible

  • I'm keen for this, any chance of going up Peaslow Hill? https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29244216

  • I had intended to give people a bit of a scenic rest after the double of Mam Nick and Winnats. This addition puts on another 5 miles and, on top of Peaslow, adds Rushup Lane, which goes a bit steeper. Also that stretch of the A623 can be a bit industrial on a Saturday.

    Depends. What do people think? Peaslow is a good climb but comes at a price on this route.

  • It's hard enough as it is imo

  • ^

  • No worries, it's just goes tantalising close to another Nationals HC for not much more mileage.

  • I'd say it's borderline too hard, but that's the point. I'm trying to mentally just grit my teeth.
    I've had a little explore around the route and seen there's a potential bail-out at Tideswell (ride to Hathersage for train to Sheffield) and a potential to skip a fair hill between Ashford and Bakewell, if absolutely required.

  • Bad news from the Manchester contingent, just checked the trains for that date and they're all currently a bus service @alialias @Netakure @Pmccee

  • Bit of a faff but, it looks like you could get a train up to Huddersfield and change onto a Sheffield service... Might be quicker changing at Leeds?

  • that sucks. I'm out anyways, just realised same date as my brothers 30th. Enjoy x

  • Couple of options available.

    a) a return via Leeds.
    b) ride out through Poynton, Whalley Bridge and Rushup Edge to meet us somewhere between the top of Mam Nick and the top of Winnats Pass and train back via Leeds
    c) have a designated driver (probably best to park up in the Rivelin Valley)
    d) We could look at pushing back the date a week but I think some Londoners have already purchased tickets at a reduced and therefore probably non-refundable price.

  • Cheers for the suggestions. I'm still very keen to make it on the existing date, we'll consider our options.

  • Cool, just found out, if you opt for b) then trains are running as far as New Mill Central and from there its an easy hop on back roads and decent tow paths into Whalley Bridge for Chapel and Rushup. If you were then to leave the ride at Owler Bar (there's a pub, we could have a drink), you could make the easy drop into the Hathersage and head along the Hope Valley for your choice of Winnats or Mam Nick before heading back the way you came. Puts you on about a par with what people leaving from Sheffield would be doing.

  • It's a good suggestion but frankly the four of us ride together quite often, I'd really like to get to the whole ride rather than dropping in for a portion in the middle. Also keen for the same date.
    It might just be a case of grinning and bearing the lengthy trains

  • Owing to an ongoing Achilles issue it seems very unlikely that I will be able to ride this. I will try to come out in the van and take some pictures though.

  • Possibly looking to join this, but would have to be geared as I've got no other option currently. Will be riding from Cambridge to the peak the day before so legs will be softened, and I'll keep out of the little ring too.

  • How's the Manchester contingent looking for this?

  • Speaking for myself, if there's no trains I'll probably CBA.

  • +1, it's looking ridiculous to get there, and the risk of injury from overworking it on the ride has tipped me over to bailing

  • Where are we at numbers wise then? @jaeyukdapbap how many are coming up with you?

  • We’re still 5 including me. We’ll come up and ride regardless whether or not locals join but would be great if they did!

  • Excellent, I'd better buy a train ticket.

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Harder Day in the Peaks 2020 edition

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