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  • Close, Derby. I just need a tent really. I'll probably pick up some dry bags and and an assortment of straps.

  • Sorry to flake again but I reckon it'll be logistically too much for me to sort out right now (still need to get some bike bags and simply have a dissertation to do)
    But thanks again for organising, eyes peeled for a London-departing trip in future

  • @Landslide, I am Sheffield based and would be so down for this but have 0 bikepacking kit besides a sleeping bag unfortunately. Will ask about this week to see if I can borrow anything

  • Just stumbled across this thread and though ‘perfect!’, just built a MTB, have an almost unheard of number of weekends off in the next couple of months... and then found out it’s the mother in laws birthday on the 12th 😩

    Maybe next time... there was talk of one of these trips on peddars way / coastal path in Norfolk, that’d be right up my street and I might even be able to provide accomo/lifts to/from station the night before/after.

  • yes, I will do peddars way probably in autumn.

  • @platypus how do you normally go about carrying essentials? Stove, tea bags etc. Is it best to be totally self sufficient or does one person provide for the group?

  • we spread shelter (tents etc) between us, once we know exactly who's going
    stove, food, etc is normally personal preference as they don't take much space
    if you need to borrow anything it is normally possible, even sleeping bags!

  • Good to know, ta.

  • yes, I will do peddars way probably in autumn.

    Interested, for obvious reasons :-)

  • @Landslide such a legend lending me kit, nice to meet you last night - cheers. Paronychia permitting (messed up toe), I will be there. Won't know until probably middle of next week though, by which time I'm hoping I'll be back to normal.
    If I can make it, please can I borrow some kind of bivvy or shelter? I have sleeping bag and a mat but that's it. Cheers

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  • nice ride
    yep you can have a space under my tarp or someone else's tarp/tent I'm sure

  • I'm interested in this as well as looks great and I'll be in the area. I've bought a couple of bikes off here but this would be my debut adventure. I have a gravel bike with 40mm tyres and all relevant gear

  • if it's your first trip out of course you'd be welcome, but please do a trial run with your setup first (maybe you have already!) - thanks

  • List....
    If you are on the Maybe list please say yes or no, don't leave me hanging...


    1. platypus
    2. TvH
    3. yakut
    4. Landslide


    1. @eyebrows
    2. @pit
    3. @Po
    4. @bobble
    5. @PeteH
  • Can't confirm till Thursday, but most likely in.

  • I still haven't made it to Devon- so am very sadly out.
    I'll be in Devon that weekend instead.

  • I’m just trying to get organised! But failing.

  • It's a yes from me, I'll arrive at Sheffield station at 8:29. I have a tent/mat/sleeping bag but assume we can coordinate shelters nearer the time when all confirmed. I'll PM u my number @platypus

  • I'm in (I've bought all the kit now :))

  • I will confirm Wednesday! @PeteH you will have an hour or so to kill I think but there is a great NZ coffee shop called Tamper 2 mins from the station with a courtyard and bike parking

  • Just got back from the Welsh Ride Thing; the bikepacking stoke is high!!!

  • will make sure you can come on the next one. enjoy devon!

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LFGSS Bikepacking Weekend 6 - UPDATED May 11/12, Peak District

Posted by Avatar for platypus @platypus