LFGSS Bikepacking Weekend 6 - UPDATED May 11/12, Peak District

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  • Ooo I might be keen for this too! Can't make the 11/12th may (cycling Sofia to Istanbul that week :D ) but June 1/2 would be good!

    Now have access to proper MTB as well as monster cross option too

  • In pending full patella tendonitis recovery.

  • This might be an appropriate place to plug the below. Current plan is to find a solid roof for the two nights rather than camp, but it may still appeal!


  • Following this, potentially in pending final dates

  • OK!!!!

    This has been much delayed due to some boring boring stuff happening in my work life. Gotta pay the bills.

    I'm not busy the 11th-12th May weekend any more so I propose then

    Add your name to the list below if that works 4 u

    1. @platypus
    2. @Landslide
    3. @Nerv
    4. @TvH
    5. @yakut
    6. @giofox

    Also paging @spotter @Howard @BareNecessities @amey @eyebrows + everyone else

  • train tickets were cheap so I've booked mine. image attached.
    leaves london early on the saturday but that allows for loadsa riding.
    always book with trainsplit for the best prices!


    You must book for legs 1, 3, and 4 of this journey if you take this specific one.

    Leg 1 (lner) - 5 bike spaces in the train. I got the first slot, 4 remain. Call 03457 225 225 opt 2.
    Leg 3 (x-country) - 3 bike spaces. I got the second slot, 1 unreservable one remains. Advise people to pick a different train home due to virgin's stingy fucker bike allocation policy
    Leg 4 (hull) - no idea how many spaces, phone guy couldn't tell me. I got one. Call 03450710222 opt 3, 2

    In short: book the same outwards trains as me, call LNER to add your bike
    Then book whatever return trains you fancy, but make sure you have bike reservations if necessary, and try to avoid crosscountry

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    • Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 21.36.13.png
  • Off doing the brother in the wild thing the week after with work, so no from me 😭

  • In. Will need to stay at yours the night before, natch

  • Updated above with bike reservation policy for the trains.
    Please read this and make all necessary reservations.
    If you can't get to the start on time because all spaces have been reserved on a train then let me know and we'll figure something out.
    Sorry this is such a pain, I hate the train rules in the UK too.

  • Booked.
    On the way back I will be taking an 18:43 Northern train, bike reservations not needed according to their site. Changing at Retford to the same Hull service as platypus's which arrives at Kings Cross at 21:19, bike reservation made with Hull (got a reference number but rep said they can't refuse without. Still better to call).

  • I didn't hear anything about this for a while so I planned another ride in the meantime which I can't back off from anymore (I am organizing it..)

    Gutted to miss yet another one. Great route though, I was there two year ago!

  • I will let you know in due course but need to get to Devon before committing! (And May drive up)
    If not camping the youth hostel that’s an old Manor House is amazing.
    If I’m not there you MUST have the ice cream at Bradwell. (If it’s open)

  • I'm a maybe. Climbs are painful still but I'm working on it. If I go I'll meet you at the start as I'll be travelling out on Friday night.

  • YHA also has a barn in Edale I think..

  • i can't :'(

  • thanks - you've always got the best food recommendations!
    will be wild camping near Ladybower - plenty of tents/tarps to go round

  • I love the Peaks.
    Studied in Nottingham/ Derby, and tried to sneak up there as often as I could.
    There’s loads round there, but that little hole in the wall with its idiosyncratic opening hours, is amazing.

    Also it’s worth going to the swimming pool in Hathersage as early as possible (If open) for the steam rising off it and the views).

  • Also a maybe. I'm not very well kitted out though. I can probably cobble most of the stuff together but I don't own a tent (debating pre-ordering the new Alpkit one but it won't arrive in time anyway).

  • You can borrow my tarp and bivi.

  • I'm in.

  • How much were the outbound trains in total? I'm totally green to this so might be a bit too much logistically for me to sort out in time

  • for me £9.50 using trainsplit and railcard

  • Thanks, I might take you up on that. Where are you based?

  • South west London.

  • Am I right in thinking you're Sheffield based? I can help you out with bags and some kit.

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LFGSS Bikepacking Weekend 6 - UPDATED May 11/12, Peak District

Posted by Avatar for platypus @platypus