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  • We’re going bikepacking again!
    A rerun of trip 3 that was rained off.

    When: Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th March
    Where: South Wales, the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains. Train to Merthyr Tydfil/Abergavenny, where we will meet on Saturday morning OR Friday evening (TBC)
    What: 50-60km each day of doubletrack, singletrack, tiny roads. Mountain Bikes only please, but they can be rigid, hardtail, or full sus. A hardtail would be my choice,
    Overnight: We will stay in this beautiful secluded bothy overnight. It's not large so let's hope there's not already 10 people inside when we rock up.
    Am I welcome: Yes, if you have a positive attitude and enough half-decent kit to come round
    Mood: Open and supportive, stopping to chill often, making a grand old fire in the evening

    Other Important Details:
    I will post exact meeting and trains info in due course. Do not book trains yet, we only book for sure a week or so in advance to check the weather forecast is good. A weekend of rain ain't fun.
    If you don’t have a tent you can probably share a tent/tarp with someone else, post in the thread. You will need your own sleeping bag and mat at a minimum.
    You must be self-sufficient, so bring plenty of food, tools, tubes, and good attitude! We don’t ride fast at all, but you must be fit enough to make it round on a loaded bike. If you’ve never ever gone camping these trips might not be for you.
    See previous trips here and here.

    Pic above from me scouting this ride last year.

  • In. Just moved to Cardiff so this should make me get on and fix up the MTB hopefully.

  • Following again...

  • Routes

    Here are the draft routes. Won't change much!
    In RWGPS you will miss most of the interesting features, so upload them here and check on OS maps!



  • OK - updated the first post with all the info, routes above. Any questions post here! Ta

  • Tagging everyone that expressed an interest last time!
    Please let me know if you think you can do that dates, we can figure out specifics closer to the time

    @giofox @pit @essdi (plus 1?) @cgg @TvH @spotter @popdown @wheeledwidewebb

  • Cheers mate, seeing this is a MTB route (especially at this time of the year) I call myself out, unless someone lends me one!

    Pity though, as I am really craving some bikepacking weekend, I can't do the other one because I am busy and can't this either because of lack of gear! I'll keep waiting..

  • Again I don't have a MTB so feeling a bit inadequate for this. Although I could probably have something resembling a SSCX, so there's that.

  • sniggers

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  • yep, understood. SSCX might squeeze in

  • you coming? your new bike should be perfect for it...just look at that elevation chart...

  • Potentially actually. An idea of an average price for the trains etc?
    Tent necessary for overnight or just bag in the bothy?

  • trains - 50 quid return? Bag in bothy is fine

  • Im interested in this one as i'll be unemployed at this point

  • Provisionally in.

  • yep im keen again :)

  • bbbbummmmpppppppp!!!!! this is in 10 days.

    as a reminder:

    • you need a mountain bike for this route. it's pretty chunky.
    • the routes are marked in post #4. there's a lot of up and down, some of the best MTB trails around.
    • we will wait until this weekend to check the weather forecast. if it's good, we'll book trains and do bike reservations. if not, we'll postpone this trip again...


    1. @platypus

    TBC (please say if you are in or out, and anyone else is welcome to join)

    @yakut @TvH @Howard @7Üp @spotter @pit @PhilDAS @essdi @Silly_Savage @ThePeginator @Hulsroy @Nerv

  • I'll have to confirm after weekend. Injury has kept me off the bike in recent weeks, hopefully going for a little test ride this weekend to see how I hold up.

  • Hopefully in!

  • I'm afraid I'm out this time sadly, will certainly be keeping an eye on other planned rides though. Have a good one.

  • In, weather permitted

  • Out, this one is beyond my level/gear, but still interested for future :)

  • see whats happening with my employment status but yes in for the moment


    The weather looks OK (currently sun all day Saturday and some sun/some rain Sunday) so we are going ahead.
    You must book a ticket now for these trains and you must reserve a bike space for the London-Cardiff outwards and return leg! If you don't reserve a bike space they won't let you on the train. Book at GWR.com and you can do this easily during the checkout process.

    Please please please book this asap or the bike spaces (I think there are 6 max) will be taken by other people using this train and then things will get very complicated.

    Tagging potential people @yakut @TvH @spotter @whoever else too!

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LFGSS Bikepacking Weekend 5: March 9/10, South Wales - now with ride report!

Posted by Avatar for platypus @platypus