The IKEA ride

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  • If they have vegetarian, I'm in

  • I don't care what bike you ride.

    I'll be on a fixed wheel 27" Freddie Grubb with mudguards and a carradice to carry some stuff.

    There will be significant tow path sections.

  • Vegetarian meat balls are definitely available. I don't know about hot dogs.

  • OK, I'm setting the date.

  • Just to confirm is it deffo the 27th?,,if so I need to rebook a flight

  • Duly noted.

  • if so I need to rebook a flight

    This level of commitment is to be applauded!
    Yes, the 27th.

  • They usually have veggie meatballs and veggie hotdogs along with some sort of fish and then whatever the specials are.

  • whatever the specials are

    A band from the late seventies early eighties

  • In the interests of empirical evidence,
    I used a late appearance at Norths last night,
    to check the grimness of the North Circular.
    Admittedly, it was carrying only about 5% of its rush hour, (or Slower moving Saturday), traffic,
    but the journey from Henly's Corner, past IKEA, to Hangar Lane, although relatively swift, was not that enjoyable.
    The prolonged left filter, to allow traffic to go left to access the M1 was probably the worst part,
    but the speeding traffic did miss me.
    Provisionally 'In', but preferring the meat-free food options.

  • Yeah, we will NOT be riding along the A406.

    Check the route in the first post for details.

  • keeping an eye on this thread...

  • Good

  • In!
    though i've been having trouble with disolving lately so my have to bail if it's too damp

  • Was thinking about putting my name down for this, always a joy to ride with @mashton, and then realised it’s jnr’s birthday so won’t be able to attend.
    Not sure what is more gutting.
    Not being able to go out on the ride or forgetting the first birthday of my firstborn..

  • 22 mile croydon, 45 mile ikea ride, 18 mile home

  • I'm getting the train to Croydon...

  • Watching with interest.

  • Get involved Caz.

    At this rate you can use it as an occasion to give me the hell jam. #iamlame

  • Ha cobblemonster is first..

  • So far this year, I have ridden 0.0 miles due to my shoulder dislocation.

    Cobblemonster will be fun.

  • Right.

    I'm in for this.

  • I feel that we would be missing out if we didn’t take the Thames path from Putney to the newly closed-to-cars Hammersmith bridge.

  • That's quite a long way out of the way of the planned route. I think that's probably a no.

    My legs are very weak, having done only one ride of any distance at all this year. Which I didn't finish. Hey ho.

    This, coupled with the fact that I will not have done a recee, means that this will be a very convivially paced jaunt.

    Hope that's OK?

  • London Marathon on the 28th isn’t going to cause any troubles for the planned route is it? Not sure if they close any roads off or anything the day before

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The IKEA ride

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