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  • Early next year a new Ikea will open in Greenwich. It will become a Mecca for me, and others like me.

    You will find me there on Thursday nights, that were once Wednesday nights and began as Tuesday nights, many years ago.

    I propose that we complete the cycle of IKEA by cycling the complete IKEAs.

    We will visit Wembley, Tottenham, Stratford, (Tottenham Court Road - removed), Greenwich and Croydon.

    We will consume meatballs and berry juice. In case of visits from the puncture fairy we will pack for flats. The instructions for this ride will be non verbal and easy to follow.

    Who is in?

    EDIT to include proposed route, including Cable Car

  • What about the one at Stratford?

    (Veggie option)

    1. oumbarlig ( my ikea spirit animal utensil )
  • Thursdays nights, that were once Wednesday nights and began as Tuesday nights

    Oh - what goes on at night ?

  • Yes please.

  • TNRC begat WNkR begat ThNRC

  • What about the one at Stratford?

    Crikey this is getting a bit Epic.

    We can run it as a grand tour...

  • Pop to the little store on Tottenham Court Road?

  • Yep, it's on the list.

    This is looking like a larger version of a GSIAD.

  • Oh, I hadn't realized this was to be a tour of all IKEAs.

    Definitely in.

  • In!
    1.oumbarlig ( my ikea spirit animal utensil )
    2.Fläckig (because I love filtering, and will be necessary for this ride)

  • ha, great. count me in

  • Are you planning on going into each one?

    IKEA's layout is designed to keep you trapped in there for about as long as it takes pine to grow into shelves, how many days is this ride going to take? Stealth camping overnight in the bedding department?
    via Imgflip Meme Generator

  • I'm in. Providing we ensure that any mechanical issues are rectified using a tool pressed from super shitty metal that bears no resemblance to the fastener it's supposed to work with.

  • In for the little pencils!

  • one does not simply stroll..

    You are obviously an amateur. Know your market place shortcuts.

    And no, I don't intend us to go into each one, but having toilets, hot dogs, mini Dime bars and lingonberry pop on tap at each one will be handy.

  • What, no Tottenham store? Racists.

  • It's there, but I called it Walthamstow. I don't know those ends.

  • In like a cam lock!

  • Late Jan or February, or should we wait for warmer weather?

  • Just make sure it doesn’t clash with the harder day in the Peak! (2nd of March for now I believe)

  • January or late May

  • Early next year a new Ikea will open in Greenwich. It will become a Mecca for me

    But why do you want to play bingo at IKEA?

  • The date hasn't been set yet because mashton needs to wait for a suitable opportunity to use this ride as an excuse not to go on another ride.

  • ThNRC season opener is on the 28th March so there's your ideal date.

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The IKEA ride

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