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  • The Dirty Reiver 200 (200km), Dirty One Thirty (130km) and Dirty Sixty Fiver are off-road cycling challenges based on the Gravel Grinder format found predominantly in the mid west of America.

    A new Dirt-E-Reiver category will be open to E-Bikes (EAPC Compliant)*. This category has all of feel of the Dirty Reiver with much less distance.

    The Dirty Reiver routes will explore new trails and parts of the Kielder and Wark Forests in 2019.

    Riders will traverse gravel forest access roads that service the vast areas of forest covering the border region of England and Scotland. The events will take riders through remote areas providing outstanding viewpoints across this spectacular part of the UK.

    Due to the shared use of some of the course the Dirty Reiver events are NOT races. However, finishing times will be graded and these grades are detailed in finishing times on the event page.

    The event is based at the Kielder Castle Forest Park Centre, Kielder, Hexham, Northumberland NE48 1ER

    This is a challenge not a race. Riders can choose from the Dirty Reiver (200km), the Dirty One Thirty (130km) or the Dirty Sixty Fiver (65km) distance events.

    No riders under 16 years old will be accepted.

    Anyone else going to this? I did it last year & it was great, so with the advent of a new route, I'm excited to do it again!

    Got at least two other friends coming up too (one who will be doing it single speed again), & am working on convincing a few others. We'll be riding under the banner of #hotboysoflsf (Leeds Singlespeed/Fixed Gear).

    The weather we had last year was pretty much perfect, I hope it's as good this next year, otherwise it might be a fair bit harder!

  • I did it last year but I just cannot believe that I will be as lucky with the weather again so I am ooot.

    If anyone is thinking of doing it though, it is a cracking event in a marvelous location. You will love it.

  • Yeah, I am thinking that too. I even got a little sunburnt this year! Then that massive thunderstorm in the evening - pretty amazing (except for trying to sleep in a tent).

    I've justified it that if it's miserable weather, I can treat it as a chance to prove my own grit further to myself. Something along those lines anyway.

  • I'm signed up.

    Doing it fixed.

  • Aw yes! You going to be doing it on your new fixed gear off road shredder? Been following your thread in CP with interest!

  • Yep, I've signed up to do it - 200km version. Anyone got any advice on tyres? I was going to do it on my normal 33mm cross race tyres, but a friend who's doing the 130km version reckons that 40mm tyres are the sweet spot for the Reiver.

    Respect to @Eamesy for planning to ride it fixed.

  • Good stuff!

    I did it on 38mm Gravel King SKs & they were fine in the dry last year. I imagine even if it were wetter they'd be okay though. From my experience, the bigger the better to make your ride smoother & more comfortable. I ran about 35PSI & didn't have any punctures.

  • I'm signed up for the medium version, fixed on 650b x 47mm tyres. Hopefully :)

  • Totally agree with this!

    I did it on 40c Ramblers and they were great.

    @cgg Woohoo, another fixed rider!

  • Blog post preview up. Quote from the email even references you crazy fixed gear gravel grinders!

    Having used the same routes for the Dirty Reiver for three years, it's time for some changes. Truth is, we only ever planned to run the same route for three years. Taking on board comments from riders, gone is the 'Ford of Mild Peril' and the teeth-rattling lumpy descent into Cumbria, along with the endless uphill drag back over the border at 100Km. The course is now optimised for gravel bikes - though SS fat bikes and fixie fiends will still be welcome (you know who you are....).

  • Managed to get a place on the 200. It'll be the longest single ride I've done. Any tips from previous entrants/advice on where to stay?

  • Great! Last year we camped at the campsite near the castle - there's not a huge amount of civilisation for about an hour's drive around the start of the route, so it made sense to stay there rather than have to get up extra early.

  • Thanks. The campsite in the village is booked up unfortunately. Early start it is.

  • Some friends stayed in Hexham the year before last, & I provisionally booked a B&B near Carlisle before I decided to camp. Might be worth a looksee.

  • Would anyone be opposed to me tagging along? I want to come and have the chance at a ticket but no pals who're interested. Lonelyboi

  • You're welcome to ride with us who are coming up from Leeds. There'll be four of us & we'll likely be going for a fairly casual pace.

  • I'm in a similar situation. Are you doing the 130 or the 200?

  • I'd take a punt at the 200 I think, it's easier to downgrade the distance than upgrade. I haven't committed to my place as I'm going to my first academic conference the following week and it's hard to say how stressful that weekend will be. I really want to go but don't want to say I'll be there just to bail because of work going nuts

  • Normally I’m not a fan of these kinds of events but I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about this and it’s not too far away and I’m off. Only on the Saturday though. Could camp somewhere on Saturday night and leave early Sunday but can’t get there before sat morning so that might be kinda missing the point?

  • I'm booked up for the 200k.

    Also nervous about tyre choice.

    Got the slick Gravelkings in 38c fitted at the moment -Do I need some proper tread?

  • 3450m of ascent on the 200. Eek!

  • Does any (woman) want my ticket to dirty Reiver.
    Am told can't return or swap now, so would be racing under my name.
    Entered full race (200km) but last year you could just do the length you liked (e.g. 130km(

    I would like this place to be used/sold out event... If another forum user has any ideas of anyone or where to put this (not so keen to post on office FB page) please let me know.
    Not about the £60 value but that it's a space going ....
    The joys of a shift work system....

  • 3450m of ascent on the 200. Eek!

    Only 2916m according to RidewithGPS. Easeh.

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Dirty Reiver

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