LFGSS Bikepacking Weekend 3: Dec 1st/2nd, South Wales

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  • The first and second installments of these trips were very fun, and so I will be running another one.

    The quick info:

    When: Saturday 1st Dec to Sunday 2nd Dec
    Where: South Wales, the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains. Train to Merthyr Tydfil/Abergavenny
    What: 50-60km each day of doubletrack, singletrack, tiny roads. Bring an MTB if you have one. Otherwise a lightly packed cross/allroad bike with 40c tires might work. I need to check snow level!
    Overnight: We will stay in this beautiful secluded bothy overnight. It's not large so let's hope there's not already 10 people inside when we rock up.
    Am I welcome: Yes, if you have a positive attitude and enough half-decent kit to come round
    Mood: Open and supportive, stopping to chill often, making a grand old fire in the evening

  • Route idea:

    Suggested trains (do not book these yet! the event is not finalised):

  • Tempting, the following weekend would be ideal, but I might get this too

  • This looks grand! Provisionally in!

  • Following with interest

  • Following with interest too.

  • Thanks everyone.
    My research suggests it won't be that snowy (that pic at the top was taken in Feb this year).
    One fewer thing to worry about!

  • So it'll just be knee deep bogs instead ;)

  • this is wales not epping!

  • Yeah, I did some excellent bog walking with my bike (and two panniers) on the way to Merthyr Tydfil earlier this year...

  • some more pictures for the moodboard, bring a better bike than my friend here:

    ascent to bothy:

    bothy spot:

    10min no pedalling descent to Hay-on-Wye:

  • phwoar

  • 10min no pedalling descent to Hay-on-Wye:

    While cycling backwards, no less. Impressive!

  • No cheeky laps of BPW while you're in Merthyr?

  • skills to pay the bills

  • I did actually think about doing this.
    if anyone wants to ride a lap or two of Bike Park Wales I am well up for it, probably would be something to do on Sunday afternoon.
    Either on your own bike or rent one for half a day or so.

  • frantically digging pinkbike and ebay ads for a hardtail

  • The bothy looks great but like you might have to stand up and wedge in to sleep - hardly looks long enough to lie down in! Possibly gf and I are both keen, coming from Bristol so not too far a journey.

  • there's a "loft" area at the top which could take 3 or maybe 4 lying down.
    and a smaller platform underneath for one. or maybe two extremely friendly people.
    then the floor which could fit a few more on sleeping mats.
    stove is downstairs, so those people get the most of the warmth.
    let's hope there's not loads of people inside when we arrive!

  • So a tent just in case is a good idea?

  • probably good if one of us takes a tent/tarp in case.

  • I only have a one man tent.

  • I'll bring a 3 man tarp then. just need to finish sewing it together!

  • Nice one!

  • Keen to see this!

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LFGSS Bikepacking Weekend 3: Dec 1st/2nd, South Wales

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