Hard Day In January '19 - 10th Anniversary Edition

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  • In 1959 @clubman went for a 90 mile ride on his fixed wheel bike in the cold January weather (he was 13!). It was hard as you might imagine. To commemorate his ride we run something similar appropriately named the Hard Day in January. This is the 2019 and 10th anniversary edition.

    This is intended as a fixed gear / single-speed ride. Although there will be some climbing there is nothing too steep to cope with on a reasonable gear, say 67-75gi. The idea here is that it's a winter ride and so a fg/ss ride should make it hard enough to be worth getting out whilst still being fun. Although the weather was quite bad last year I think we all had fun, or a version of fun anyhow. Don't let the title mislead you, it's not about 'suffering' on the day or any such bullshit - it's about running a fun but hard ride in the winter.

    Start time and location

    Arrive at the Cafe Nero on the pedestrianised high street for pre ride coffee at 8:30, and then I suggest leaving at 9am. I suggest a quick safety check that all the riders know about group riding and the hand signals to be used on the day.

    Route is below:

    For those of you who need a gpx or another export format you can download one off of that page under More > Export as file.

    There are regular trains from London to the start, or ride out if you're feeling strong. Mudguards and flaps are strongly encouraged. I'll update this thread nearer the date with the most useful train times.

    1st ed
    2nd ed
    3rd ed
    4th ed
    5th ed and winners
    6th ed and pictures from the winner
    7th ed and winner

  • Just read the report from last year this sounds like a great day out!

  • Same weekend as Strathpuffer again...


  • Hmm, it's not like I'm busy the weekend of the 12th, it just I was trying to give a bit of space between NYD and a bit more light. I'll have a think.

  • Don't move it on my account!

    I would struggle to sell back to back cycling weekends away even in January :)

    Unless i did something clever with my trains actually...

    might work

  • ah, really want to come to this...I don't have a fixed gear bike any more, can I rent one off someone for the day? I'm a 56-57 size - ta

  • Calling taller riders with a sweet fixie in your attic, help @platypus out

  • Ask Brixton Cycles club, they have three club track Talbots that will be hanging up unused in Jan.

    PM me and I can pass on details

  • In

  • Also in. weak.jpg

  • Also in. Maybe on a single speed, or even fixed, who knows.

  • freezing-to-death-in-a-telephone-box.jpe­g

    ps. A telephone box which was also featured in BBC hit miniseries Killing Eve!

  • .

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  • I live in Petersfield. Got lots of fixed gear bikes but none with mudguards. Cervelo? Hmm.

  • Don't let the lack of mudguards stop you. If anything it means fewer turns at the front! More time at the very back tho.

  • Oh, I'd be at the back based on current form.

    A 90 mile ride to Petersfield and back will be tough. Round ton easier.

  • Going to reccy that! Thank you.

  • Let me know when, I'll buy you a tea in town

  • Once again I'm deeply grateful to YAL for organising this event. I'm flattered that people want to carry on with it and I hope to be able to help in any way I can.

    Sadly, I'm not going to try to ride - age is one problem, but for various reasons I just haven't been able to do enough riding to prevent me from being a burden to the rest of you. I'll hope to provide motorised support, plus a report including photography.

    I may also be able to provide useful information.

    The original ride was not from Hampton Court (although many reliability trials did start from there), it was from the Brown Bear at Hanworth. This no longer exists and would not be a great start point in any case. It seems the route is as yet undecided, and although there is something to be said for Petersfield as a destination there are some problems, which in my mind do not include the Surrey hills. Rather the opposite really, because it seems to me that the major point of interest on the route is Hindhead, which can no longer be climbed from the Milford side because, firstly the A3 is not cyclist friendly and secondly the old road which we used to use has actually been destroyed - the current road goes through a tunnel which is prohibited to cyclists. It's still possible to approach Hindhead from Tilford, as we did in 2009, but this involves a longer and harder route that I did in 1959.

    I'm sure it must be possible to ride from Hampton Court to Petersfield, but offhand I cannot suggest a good route. However there's no reason (apart from the ever present danger of riding on any public road) not to use a version of our 2009 route. If you want to do this, I could probably arrange the use of the Hounslow clubroom at Staines Sailing Club as an HQ which is fairly close to the mainline station at Staines, has ample car parking and could be used for any after event refreshments and prize presentation. This venue would be equally suitable if you decide to go to Berinsfield again. Naturally I would need some notice to make the arrangements.

    Let me know what you think.

  • Seriously considering joining this. Looks like a great day out!

    Didn't make it out to any ThNRK rides this year owing to race training commitments and a subsequent broken collarbone.
    Distance and possibly weather aside, would this ride be similar to ThNRK fare?

  • Pretty much, except it's in the 'daylight' and you'll need more than just shorts and t-shirt! If you liked TNRC, you should try.

  • I live near Hampton Court so could bring the car down to the station car park if people wanted to leave a bag with change of clothes etc. Have wanted to do this ride every year but something else has always clashed. This year i think i have it booked out first.

  • I'd be up for this. 90 miles would be my longest fixed-gear ride yet, but I've gone up to Cambridge before, which turned out to be just below 70 miles. That was fine, I just didn't eat enough so I came dangerously close to bonking hard at the very end - that should be remedied easily though.

    I have mudguards, and decent winter gear now too (thanks, ebay), I just need better footwear... which is hard to get for my shoe size.

    Till when would I need to decide whether I'm in?

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Hard Day In January '19 - 10th Anniversary Edition

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