Waifs and Strays XII The Dirty Dozen

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  • Meet at Oxford Circus
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  • It's very much the kind of affair you can start and then leave any time you need to. It never gets far from central London. Hope to see you tomorrow

  • Forecast tomorrow looks ace, wrap up though, 2% chance rain, might be foggy.. it’ll be atmospheric regardless and with digger at the helm we are in good hands.. :)

  • thought about going but gonna give it a miss this year, way too much riding this week!

  • Morning and merry Xmas!
    Sorry, gonna drop out too. Too cold to get out as I'm still fighting with sickness and just started getting better.
    Have fun, post pictures! 😊

  • Almost in tears. Aggghhh. All up and ready but, when I went to get my bike, my neighbour has blocked the garage door with her car. Was so looking forward to this.

    You all have a good one. Gutted not to be there as i knew I’d meet you all today.

  • I'd have banged on her door very loudly, woke up the whole street or set off her car alarm.. My house is full of sleeping babes, bless their Xmas stockings

  • I really wanted to, but part of me thinks it could be fate telling me not to cycle today. I'm a bit superstitious like that.
    If I'd have known though, I wouldn't have eaten so many chocolates last night. Today's ride was to be fuelled by Quality Street.
    Currently contemplating a Christmas Day Parkrun.

  • Shame, maybe next year, get well soon..

  • yes do that, it'll be ace :)
    I've got half a panettone cake to burn off, lol

  • Great morning, Digger. Many thanks...

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  • Hahaha awesome.....

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  • Pirates @ 12 o'clock
    Prospect of Whitby,

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    • E1C1E260-5CDF-4AC5-A35F-46E540771833.jpeg
  • Yeah ! Cheers Digger and all the lovely company !

  • Digger many thanks great crowd xxx

  • Guest appearance, good to see you @HoKe

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  • Sorry to have missed this but, jetlag held me. @Digger, where is that mural please and thanks!

  • Cable Street commemoration, next to this:

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  • ice encounter, Tate Modern @ 09.30...

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  • Good to see everyone this morning, sorry I didn’t join you guys for the ride, my legs were dead after yesterday and wanted to have a recovery spin instead, nevertheless I did capture some nice pics as usual of you guys before you all set off:

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    • 4CD4E346-1C7D-4F40-B6AC-259F0461CB43.jpeg
    • A37347EF-9106-404A-A101-144A84469B3E.jpeg
  • And then some:

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    • 46FFD6B0-3C51-4823-8F71-BEDA9F265AE8.jpeg
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  • Finally:

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    • 8DFE43F5-A14C-45CB-ACAA-6FE2700F5133.jpeg
  • Lovely day, thanks all. And thanks @almac68 for the hospitality, hope you all managed to get back out to lock down the drinks discounts for the future.

  • Having seen that mural the words ' they shall not pass ' spring to mind peace , love and unity to each and every one.....

  • Rich, here is the limited edition lino cut print of Prospect of Whitby circa 1900 Ella produced for our xmas cards, expect discount drinks for 2019.. girls are still singing xmas pop songs, twas an unconventional waifs and strays xmas dinner, joyous time, post ride!

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Waifs and Strays XII The Dirty Dozen

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