London to Dover

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  • The Downs

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  • More Downs. The light and the quietness were out of this world.

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  • Last one. Thanks for the route and posting this event :)

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  • I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's a blast of a route! Weather was ace too!

  • Well, at least we've now got a viable route to Dover for when Brexit goes badly!

  • @pit Hey, out of interest, did you follow the route from the gpx file earlier exactly, or did you do some on-the-fly changes? Just wondering as I might cycle there myself one day and it'd be good to have some 'confirmed' route to start the planning off from. How 'offroad' did it turn out to be in the end?

  • I followed it exactly up to a point about 20 miles out of Dover where I got lost. It turned last section into a field/fire road descent. Still did the whole thing on 28c slicks so it couldn't have been that bad.
    @cgg how did you find it?

  • I’ve followed it exactly until the second off-road bit (at which point, with the night pretty much there already and sans suitable lighting I turned round and followed a lane going more directly towards Dover)

    The first off-road is a steep and rocky (but short) footpath linking two lanes (and at both ends signs starkly say ‘do not follow your satnav’). Of course you’ll be fine on 28c, there’s no way you’re gonna ride up that :)

    The 2nd bit seemed longer and muddier. I can’t comment to what nice lanes it would have given me access but looking at the map there seemed to be another, slightly more direct way to Dover still on lanes and without muddy paths.

    Still a stupendously wonderful route through the Downs. Though I can understand why you weren’t keen on riding this in the rain, it was filthy enough after it already!

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  • @pit @cgg Cheers! The pictures look lovely, I need to ride out of London more often.

  • Rode this yesterday, had a great day out! Thanks for the route @pit @cgg.

    A little report if I may...


    Managed to ride up maybe 1/3 of this, brutal.

    Made some cute friends on the way.

    Bag o' chips ✔️ Feet dipped in cold waters ✔️

    By the way I couldn't get through this bit when I got to Dover, a big gate stood in the way.

  • Damn, that does look steep! @yakut

  • Loose gravel over hardpack is no joke. It's the bit right after "don't follow your SAT NAV" @cgg posted above.

  • Looks cool!

    I'm up for doing that again at some point btw, maybe with some slight modifications to the route to swing further away from Maidstone and cut the 2nd gravel bit. I'll have a look.

  • I support swinging further away from Maidstone. Wasn't an issue getting through those busy roads, but it would make the ride a bit more pleasant.
    The gravel singletrack closer to the end of the ride was a nice surprise:) In yesterday's dry conditions I properly enjoyed that. But clearly I'm biased towards offroad

  • I'd be up for that when days get a bit longer.

  • That bastard hill! Well done glad you enjoyed it.

  • Please keep me in the loop, would love to do this, have done a lot of the ncn17 and ncn1 and have some local knowledge but haven’t joined it all up satisfactorily yet

  • Please keep me in the loop, would love to do this, have done a lot of the ncn17 and ncn1 and have some local knowledge but haven’t joined it all up satisfactorily yet

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London to Dover

Posted by Avatar for pit @pit