LFGSS Bikepacking Weekend 2: Oct 27/28, Suffolk

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  • The last one was fun so let's do it again before winter truly sets in.

    Expect a relaxed pace. This will be offroad so a mountain bike is best, or anything with tyres 40c upwards if you don't have one. If you need camping kit one of us can probably lend you something.

    For now - save the date, and let's think about where to go.

    Requirements - start and finish each 2hrs or less by train from London; offers a good route of roughly 110km that is offroad as much as possible, including a lot of singletrack; some good wild camping and swimming spots.

    I am thinking Suffolk coast: Woodbridge-Orford-Aldeburgh-Southwold. I've been around here before and it is nice. There are some lovely places for a bivouac on the beaches. The trains are OK.

    Pls discuss and confirm/deny your attendance below:

  • Oh crikey, this clashes with @mespilus ' Ruislip ride.

    Both look unmissable.

  • Very in. So much good stuff around there. Pump Street Bakery in Orford is a must. Minsmere is lovely. Tunstall forest is home to some nice trails and the epicly good Sudborne dirt jumps, well worth a play. Hope you can find lots of nice bridleways!

  • Great. Good crew so far!

  • I did a quick blast back from Snape Maltings to Westleton on a recent holiday. The track from Snape bridge to near Aldburgh golf course is lovely, then great bridleways up towards Sizewell then beyond to Minsmere and Dunwich Heath. Just fantastic riding really. Will be envious.

  • There is also a less extreme pump track at Rendlesham Forest.

  • Pump Street Bakery in Orford is a must.

    Those butter tarts are excellent. Also lots of woodland round woodbridge.

  • Keen to get involved as its so close to home! Will double check the dates, @thross one for the gang?

  • Will chuck it in the diary and know nearer the time if I'm free.

    @spotter can maybe vouch for me not being a murderer.

  • Cake is not a murderer.

    I cannot vouch that he is not a sex offender or a deviant mind.

  • I did not deny those things.

  • This (currently) clashes with the 'Reverse Quarter To',
    will there be significant overlap?
    RQT is less weather dependent, so could be moved.
    There will/can be an entirely separate ride celebrating the Glory of Ruislip.

  • Considering this also as it's close...

  • Bump - one month to go.
    We are doing Suffolk. I am working on a route. Trying not to go too near the nuclear power stations.

  • Trying not to go too near the nuclear power stations.

    That's disappointing.

  • Great place for a swim!

  • I might put in a cheeky appareance if the route is more gravel than full on mountain bike? Putting it in the diary anyway.

  • you'd be welcome! it's not exactly trail centre routes, but there will be a good amount of singletrack.

  • Last one was totally doable on 23c fixed.

  • ^ this is irony! to anyone considering coming along on their super pista, trispok, and gatorskins ^

  • I’d pay to watch @pit do it. Bet it wouldn’t even be a fun watch how boring he’d make it look.

  • Everyone knows that you're the entertaining one!

  • Going over the bars is “pushing the limits”, not “lack of skill”

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LFGSS Bikepacking Weekend 2: Oct 27/28, Suffolk

Posted by Avatar for platypus @platypus