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  • Apologies to all.

    The floating aquatic plant we saw in big swathes across the canal
    was not escaped 'water cress',
    but floating pennywort, an invasive pest.

    My Conservation Group has recently been invited to apply for funding
    for voluntary groups to remove it from any Local Nature Reserves they manage,
    speaking to the Project Manager,
    we have been invited to clear a stretch of the River Colne,
    downstream of the weir we saw,
    (that marks the beginning of the man-made River Frays).

    Await an invitation to a day messing about in a (shallow) river
    removing the unwanted floating pennywort.
    All invited,
    and we will be working adjacent to the Denham Country Park visitor centre
    with full amenities, rather than miles away from a WC.

  • @photoben

    Have a look at the ride.

  • @hamrack @cgg @mashton @photoben @Mickie_Cricket

    Now we have warmer weather, (it was a strangely cold Saturday we inadvertantly chose last October), and lighter evenings, this ride could easily be run again,
    with an extension south and east along the canal to (at least) Hanwell,
    with its famous flight of locks, and Brunel's Triple Bridge
    and superior choice of eateries, (compared to Uxb),
    even before venturing to West Ealing or Ealing itself.
    [Do realise this somewhat negates the 'quarter' aspect of the title].
    Any interest?

  • Sure, depending on date!

  • Yes please!

  • No! I'm convinced that it was the towpath down past Hayes that killed my lovely frame (in a sort of delayed touch-of-death type way).

  • The Grand Union canal tow path is a little rough in places,
    south of Uxbridge through Hayes towards Hanwell.

  • Mostly in, need to verify with boss etc.

  • @Shepp_O
    Any interest in an early Summer version?

  • @ffm @skydancer @moorhen @Backstop
    @ian(conker) @omash27 @tonyme @mulv

    The Crown & Treaty pub we passed on the approach to Uxbridge
    is finally re-open.

  • Yay!
    Ride planned?

  • This attempt failed.

    I'm willing to try & run it again,
    we are again running out of daylight to push on to Hanwell/Ealing,
    we may be restricted to those opting out of pre-Xmas shopping fests.

  • If it's after schools breakup then I'm in.

  • Aah,
    as mespilus jr. finished his 6th Form back in the Summer,
    I'm out of the school holidays loop.
    Give me a hint from when you are free?

  • post Dec 20th for two weeks for Herts folks

  • The most historic building in Uxbridge,
    the Crown & Treaty pub,
    has re-opened with an emphasis on dining.
    Popped in over the festive season
    and enjoyed a pint of Windsor-brewed Xmas Chestnut Ale.

  • Cycled up to Watford this afternoon,
    of course, retraced our ride down to Rickmansworth.
    Bit of a blockage,
    spoke to the owner of the Ovaltine narrow boat.
    Transpires, it is not just 'a' Ovaltine narrowboat,
    it is 'the, original' Ovaltine narrowboat dating back to 1926.

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  • Pffft, then why is it Toblerone-shaped and not Ovaltine-shaped? We want answers.

  • Ive been musing on exploring this route - found a brewery close to the waterways - creative juices - has anyone been ?

  • I have visited Woodoak Farm and bought some produce, tomatoes and squash, last Autumn. The brewery was not open that Sunday.
    It is on the 'must revisit' list.

  • ‘Ovaltine Narrowboat’ cutting-room floor character names from Gravity’s Rainbow.

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The Reverse Quarter To; 2 Market Towns Joined by a Bit of Rough, a leisurely 4 hour (plus lunch) downhill ride.

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