LFGSS Bikepacking Weekend - Sept 15th+16th, Berkshire/Oxfordshire

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  • Tilehurst Station, Berkshire
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  • 27-28 pretty please.

  • Looks like a great trip.

  • I'm so glad I missed this.

    ... said no one ever.

  • Out of interest, how doable on a SSCX bike would this have been?

    I don't want to put my name down for a future trip then be an anchor on the group...

  • @moocher smashed on a SSMTB this weekend

  • thanks for a fun trip, won't write a full report now but highlights included:

    • finding out the pub was serving your order free, thanks to it closing down that very evening
    • picking lots of lovely apples off that tree of the ridgeway (two still in my framebag this morning!)
    • smooth and leafy singletrack descents around whitchurch, cholsey, stoke row, and mapledurham
    • spontaneous field of herb in the middle of a sweet little village
    • my first night under a tarp, thanks for carrying that spotter!
    • the delight of carrying the bike over/around the final kissing gate, they really are annoying
    • getting close to those weird radio transmitters in Crowsley
    • none of my new internet friends being a mad axe murderer

  • Last point: So you did take your own axe?

  • dishes. I missed out on the herb field! I assume it was just hemp? Otherwise I need the co-ordinates.....

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  • 29er for the win

    I probably did a bit more pushing than the others but 95% was fine (although hard in places - like the path up onto the ridgeway from Goring/Streatley)

  • you smashed it up there - 1st over the top

  • I assume it was just hemp?

    I did too, you could smell it from the road though a fair bit before you could see it, it's my last photo. It occurred to me today though that a field of hemp is the perfect place to hide your cash crop.

  • 13-14th is a no-can-do for me, but 27-28 would be good! Yes to Suffolk :)

  • I forgot to ask, @carson are you feeling fully recovered?

  • thread for the next trip on Oct 27th/28th weekend >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • fine thanks, ride back down to reading in the cool quiet dark was nice - had to leave though as pounding headache and nauseous I just didn't want to be around people, let alone the Last days of the Rising Sun in full swing. awkward to retreat to a dark quiet corner when you're out with a group..
    i've had it before - usually at tail end of long rides when I'm unfit - maybe some sort of exertion headache - who knows. felt hungover next day but not unwell. good to stretch the legs and meet you all.

  • Trips for 2019 coming up! Here and here and here :)

  • At which point did you camp for this? Thinking of doing it on Sunday and Monday of upcoming bank holiday.

  • right at mile 40.5! great spot

  • Forgot how good this ride was.

    I'm in Reading, thinking of doing an overnighter in this area this BH weekend too.

  • you're in luck, I just updated the route so it's even better than before!
    this one has two gates/stiles only, I think, I took out all the other pesky ones


  • Nice. I'll take a closer look. Might combine some of that with going out to Henley then up to Watlington.

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LFGSS Bikepacking Weekend - Sept 15th+16th, Berkshire/Oxfordshire

Posted by Avatar for platypus @platypus