Calling all Honey badgers - Last Epping Forest ride of 2014!

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  • Bollocks.

    I was lazy last week and didn't finish building the snot goblin, so I won't have a bike suitable. Hopefully I can overcome the inertia and get 'er done this weekend, so I can at least have a ride in the London league before the season finishes.

  • I should also be doing a ride on Tuesday ( 25th ), if that's any good for you?

  • You're very kind, but I'm a 9-5 M-F worker, so I'm restricted to weekends only.

    Thanks though!

  • Ah well, I'll be sure to post up the next ride in the Spring :-)

  • Really looking forward to this, it's been far too long since I've been out on the Lurcher, annoyingly my new cables haven't arrived so my brakes won't be as well functioning as they should be. Might be a good idea to stick me at the front of the pack ;)

  • Sorry had to pull out too much on

  • Possibly in!
    Have your phone handy Pete :0)

  • Ah, I'm out. Have to go to Norwich. Sorry.

  • Bah, sorry you guys can't make it @Zebra_Cyclist, @Sparky.

    Will do, @stedlocks.

    I hope you left the old cables on there, @mmccarthy O.o

  • I did indeed, I'm nowhere near cool enough to ride brakeless!

  • I'm nowhere near cool

    You'll be in good company.

  • Might be a bit muddy fo yo!

  • Indeed, currently got a pair of WTB Weirwolf tyres on and only one Kenda Nevegal which will need to go on the front. I imagine I'll be doing a lot of sliding around tomorrow!

  • On a slightly related note, just noticed my bike has made it into the top 3 rows of a google image search for On One Lurcher!

    There's no way I'll be running a Weirwolf on the front tomorrow, as you can see from the pic above, it's as close to a slick as I'd be willing to get for an MTB!

  • I'll use the same tyres as usual. When you hardly ever ride your bike, they last for years!

  • google image search for On One Lurcher

    That must be one heck of an ugly page.

  • lolz

  • Damn right! Who wants a pretty MTB?

  • I'll be leaving Stortford at around 8.30-9... It's going to take me at least 2 hours to get up the forest, so I'll catch up with the Badgers at some point :0)
    When I'm at the bottom hut for my sausage sandwich, I'll fire you a text Pete :0)

  • I'm thinking of starting at 11am tomorrow. How does that sound @stedlocks, @mmccarthy, @⑦up, @malandro?

  • Sounds fine fella, but I probably won't be there from the start.....I will be there though.

    I'm off down the pub in a minute, to carb load!

  • Sounds good to me! See you at the station!

  • sounds good to me. 11 am

  • Gotta grab some brakeblocks from wilkies on the way. LOL

  • I'll be leaving the house about 10am, so won't see this thread after that.

    My Mobile No

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Calling all Honey badgers - Last Epping Forest ride of 2014!

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