Polo at Ride London 2018

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  • St. Paul's London
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  • Another year another Ride London- this year they have given us a bigger court which is great.

    Deal is- they build the court, we play all day, and do some taster sessions. We also all get paid, as do the club.

    As usual I won't be around for this weekend as it is my birthday, so if someone would like to be the main contact for the day- I'll give them extra cash. Put your name down if you want to come- msg me for gossip/money chat, as this is on the main forum, so google able

  • Where’s the court? Is it Saturday and Sunday?
    Doh as I posted the response the location and times came up

  • Just Saturday - and the court is normally in the vicinity of St. Paul's

  • This is a great gig for us, it's super fun, positive vibes all day from eventgoers.

    I'll be starting a new job around this time this year, so will likely not be around.

    Kinda sad I can't put my name down first!

  • Ohhhh lands close to our bdays again @wooodrow! Count me in btw

  • You can also use me as main contact, as have no life and available across both days ;)

  • Sure Danielle would like to be the main contact, she is struggling for cash and work

  • Im also in

  • oh and i'm in x

  • In as well.

  • I’m in

  • In

  • In

  • Tentatively in

  • Possibly in

  • Not promising anything, but I've put it in my dairy! ;-)

  • Hi everyone- reminder that this is in 2 weeks- Saturday 28th.

    This is an open part of the forum so I am not gonna chat money on here- but the club will pay the first 12 players who attend this - please arrive for 9am and put in a decent shift there as we need to be there all day. Ask me if you wanna know about money. If people don't want paying them the club can pay for beer and food instead.

  • Yep, I'm in.

  • Also in!

  • in

  • Rise and shine tomorrow folks

  • Nice weather for it!

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Polo at Ride London 2018

Posted by Avatar for wooodrow @wooodrow