(Nearly) summer visit to Murtle in Horsham

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  • The Coach and Horses, Clapham Park Road
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  • A quick thread to check who can make this provisional date. Murtle can't do the first two weeks of June and I think I can't make any other Sunday (but I'm not required, if people want to ride on another week-end I'll just do the next one).

    For those who don't know what this is about:

    It's about time to visit Murtle ( @31trum ) again. For those who don't know him, he moved to Horsham a few years ago, and as the mountain needs to go to the prophet if the prophet won't come to the mountain, there is a need to visit him there.

    We last did two rides on a Sunday and that seemed to work well:


    I suggest that we do Sunday the 17th of June. Obviously, if nobody can make that, we'd have to do another date, so please give us an idea of numbers.

    We'll leave at 9 sharp from the Coach & Horses in Clapham Park (erm, no, it won't be open yet). The ride should take about three hours and we'll finish at a pub in Horsham. We've previously done the Malt Shovel in Horsham (they have decent pizza and it's a lovely family-run pub), but may vary it this time. The King's Arms is also OK, and Murtle's local is another option. Train back later in the day. (Well, if there are any trains running. We obviously never go to Horsham when there are engineering works on the line that mean the trains aren't running, no.)

    You're very welcome to come along even if you don't know Murtle.

    The route will be fixed-friendly except for one climb (Portnalls Road, which is not too bad) and one long and fast descent (Reigate Hill). Everything else will be very flat.

    It's around 32 miles that way, although I could vary and lengthen the route a bit from last time if people wanted me to, e.g. there's a lovely route through Faygate Forest and St Leonard's Forest east of Horsham. It would mean we'd miss out on Old Holbrook, but it's a more than adequate replacement (and the run-in through Horsham would be shorter, though the route longer overall, probably around 35 miles, and hillier and less fixed-friendly in the last bit--nothing hugely difficult, though).

  • It (nearly) collides with 853Superfly's ride the day before. Ain't nothing wrong with two rides on a weekend if the weather is right, though.

  • Bump. Maybe I should invite people again?

  • OP updated.

  • Bump. I take it this isn't a good date, then? Obviously very happy to do a two-up with cgg, but unless there's a sudden flurry of 'Yes, I'm attending's, I'll put up another date in due course.

  • Make it another date Ollie.

  • Will do in the morning.

  • Sorry for exhuming a long-buried thread, but are there LFGSS people still active in Horsham? I moved here a few years ago and have just started riding my fixed gear bike again.

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(Nearly) summer visit to Murtle in Horsham

Posted by Avatar for Oliver Schick @Oliver Schick