London Mixer 2018

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  • Hey mate is it not on July 14th? Which is a Saturday?
    I can still make Tuesday if on Tuesday.

  • Next Tuesday is a beginners night for women and non-binary people. If this isn't you, then you can come alone next Monday I think.
    Deffo come down to this on 14 July too- it may be full, but there will be pick up to be played

  • Unfortunately that isn't me and in Manchester on the Monday. But will definitely come on the 14th. Is the Monday a regular thing? 6.30 every week?

  • Check on the south’s thread on here to see if people are playing. Normally do so on Mondays and Thursdays from 7:30

  • Anyone looking for a team? I'm up for it.

  • I'm not coming so you can borrow my bike if you like - how tall are you? probs not great for anyone over 6ft

  • Hey mate, that's really kind, cheers. - I'm 5'11" so might be ok?

  • We're in!

    Max, josh & lizzy

  • Hello, what time are people arriving at? lfgss event says 4:30 pm start time but I'm guessing that's not right.

  • Games to start at 9

  • Adam and I are looking for a female player to complete our team! Please get in touch if you are free this Saturday!

  • One spot left for any last minute teams!
    Other wise it will be an instant mix team

    Poop-diddy-whoop-scoop - Phil / Leah / Charlie
    Black Flamingos - Mat / Emmet / Anna
    CosmoPOLOtan - Mya / Max / Miles
    Princess Slayer - Laura / Jimmy / Robbie
    Pompompom - Zsofia / James / Graham
    Evelyn - Jess / Mat / Evil Greg
    Knight’s Night - Josh / Max / Lizzy
    TBC - Cam / Fi / Jimbo
    Bang Tidy - Adam / Frax / Sylwia
    TBD - Chukker / Charlie / TBC
    Snakebite - Fuchsia / Woody / Tony
    Sex On The Pitch - Téa / Clement / Basile
    TBD - Lexi / Elidei / Joe

  • I'm going to come along in the morning for some early throw ins before the day starts in earnest, if anyone is keen, but I have to head off around midday.

  • Games are ‘starting’ at 9.

    Does anyone have a stopwatch and whistle?

  • Yeah, right.

  • No Sweat Hombre - Chukker / Charlie / TBC

    I have a whistle.

  • I have whistle 9 way too early

  • Can we start at a reasonable Saturday morning time, like 10am?

  • I guess that's what the '' around starting are for.

  • 9

  • 10 20

  • Bleh. I over slept. Throwins tomorrow for me then

  • Emmet here

    Thank you everyone for coming out and making it a great day!

    Two things

    1 Josh's prize (a really nice clay pot wrapped in tissue paper) went missing from the cocktail table during the final. We checked all the bin bags to no avail so if anyone accidentally picked it up please let us know x

    2 If anyone has video footage of the day (especially Mya's surprise and the prize giving) please share it with me cos I want to try my hand at making a little video edit.

    Thanks again xoxox

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London Mixer 2018

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