London Mixer 2018

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  • Mixed gender teams, mixed up rules and plenty of booze in the mix too!

    Registration 8pm Wednesday 30th. £15 per team.
    5 spots reserved for London women to form teams, rest of the slots are first come first served.

    More info coming soon xoxo

  • poster is sick

    Is this really on Monday? I think you haz the month wrong <3

  • ^^Right you are. Fixed it. Tournament is on a Tuesday!

  • Hey, I can do this one! kids + gf are away! Fuck the DIY chores!

    Not sure I remember how to play any more mind...

  • Im innnn

  • Im innnn the guy with the lime front wheel is charly??

  • Yessssss count me in!

  • Love the flier. In.

  • In

  • Innnnnnnn

  • Registration will open at 8pm on Wednesday 30th. Link to follow.

    We are giving spots to the active women in LPC. Which leaves 11 spots for open reg, first come first served.

    £15 per team.

  • Looking for a team.

  • If you’re looking for a team reach out to the players signed up for HBs


    1. Three Must-be-queers: Sylwia, Jessie, Tbc
    2. Vicious Cycle: Corina Fritz (Zürich), Kati (Köln), Lizzy (Glasgow)
      3.Horsepills: Claire Wilson München), Marije D'Haeseleer, (Gent), Nathalie Wenger (Geneve)
    3. Coucou: Angie (Berlin), Zsofia (Bristol), Lucie (Bordeaux)
    4. It ain't over: Alice (Salies du Salat), Jo Me Bozec (Perpignan), Jojo Bailat (Geneva)
      6.Favourite pain: Johanna (Vienna), Fiona (Dublin), Bettina (Ingoldstadt)
    5. LMK: Danielle (London, Seattle) Elodie (Strasbourg), Johanna (Frankfurt)
      8.TBC: Mya (London), Leah Wulfman (LA), Funlola Cooker (Memphis)

    9.Banshee: Kat (Birmingham), Cat Watton (Bingham), Jenna Hallett (Birmingham)

    1. Pastafari: Bulle (Brussel), Chandel Bodner (Toronto), Gitti (Berlin)

    2. Pão pão k äse k äse)Judith Laux (Hamburg), Filipa
      (Barcelona), Cata (Lisboa)

    3. Shit you little Parrot: Katja Tee (Berlin), Anna Parenna (Margate) Lucia Ag (San Vicente des Raspei)

  • Emmet here, registration is tonight at 8pm

    Will post a link up here and on FB

  • Yo LPC get on it!

    cosmopolotan - Mya Munnelly, Max newstead, Adam Gorman
    Black Flamingos - Danielle Khleang, Emmet Ward, Matt Riff-Raff
    Fu's Team - Fuchsia, TBC, TBC
    Evelyn - Jess (LDN), Matt (BRM), Greg (LDN)
    Princess Slayer – Laura, Jimmy, Robbie
    Poop-diddy-whoop-scoop – Phil, Leah, Charlie
    TriCo - Luca, Vinz, Kitty
    Pompompom - James, Zsofi, Graham
    Tbc - Max k, Josh meyland, Chandel bodner
    TBC, Fiona, Jimbo, TBC
    Bang Tidy - Adam H, Frax, Sylwia

    5 spots remaining

  • I'm looking for a team.

  • I can't stay all day, but I'm going to come along for some early bird throw ins if anyone fancies a few carpe diem warm ups.

  • Hey, bit of a long shot - I haven't played polo in a few years but used to play in Oxford. Any chance a team needs a rusty ringer? Probs need to borrow a bike too although could play on my beater.

  • Hey yes man come along next tuesday ,we have mallet and bike for you ,bring your beater is good too start from 6:30

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London Mixer 2018

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